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Most Beautiful Anniversary Poems.

To My Brother in-law Tutu

To day is your marriage anniversary day,
On a best day of the world Valentine day.
Blessing goes for both of you & your wife,
Peacefully please move ahead in your life.

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An Angel

Thank you for letting me see
This green world I want to stay
But sorry for the reality
Sometimes I disturb your day.
Papa and Mama, I love you so
The only thing I can do
Hope to stay with you
Though sometimes you feel blue.

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Once a year

A year is to much to hold us pride
the love of sharing at my might
I need the times of memories inside
but this distance can never lead us right

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My Great Great Grand Ma

Ooh..ok. The phone had just rung, to the worst news of all.
Being that my life was already that small.
My Grandma which is the Mother of My Mother call to tell me… That on That Day My Great Great Grand Mother had passed leaving u.

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My lost piece of me that will never come together again.

It has been 8 years since you were gone, I have waited on my window waiting for you to come back. I always look out my window hoping my eyes will see you again. Since you left I have never found the something or someone who will fill this hole you left in my heart.

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50th Anniversary Poem

Stop the presses, call the news!
There’s something big in Syracuse!
It’s so cool, it’s really nifty,
Sandra and Eli Roth…are fifty!

Dear Mom and Dad, it’s hard to believe
That time can fly so fast.
You’re married fifty years
We could plot – we’re all aghast!

Ellen, Marty, Steve and Jan,
Hey, we’re all so proud to note
This wonderful occasion
Folks, we’re kvelling…hey, let’s gloat!

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Pisces The Fish

Remember that August evening?
You showed me Pisces the fish,
High up in the night sky.
You pointed. I smiled.
You told me about Aphrodite and Eros
Escaping Typhon,
Monster of many heads.
You lost me at spiral galaxy
And I told you I was a Pisces.
You dismissed this as nonsense.
“But Pisces people are kind,
Compassionate, creative, gentle.”
Remember I pouted my lips,
And then you kissed them?
And you changed your mind,
Saying that it must be true.
I think the Pisces stars danced,
Or your kiss made me wobble.
You suggested a seafood restaurant
And I told you I didn’t care for fish.
Remember how we laughed,
Loud enough for the stars to hear?
I said, “In true Pisces fish tradition,
Perhaps we should be in the water?”
You took me to your flat.
Remember we took that shower?
And I stayed for three whole days?

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Happy Anniversary

25 years of love and care,
With so many good memories to share,
It just brings a smile to my face,
When I come and see you at your place.

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Want to Know the Truth

According to words says amazing
Learn to know better these are lazing
So I have to make everything gazing
How will it come to real?

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Dad Left

It’s a year or two, or maybe three
I spoke with you a while ago
You never said you won’t be here
You left us here without a trace

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