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Most Beautiful Anniversary Poems.

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My Great Great Grand Ma

Ooh..ok. The phone had just rung, to the worst news of all.
Being that my life was already that small.
My Grandma which is the Mother of My Mother call to tell me… That on That Day My Great Great Grand Mother had passed leaving u. To act out the lesson she solely taught for such days.
My heart heard the words ; My eyes seen the call.Yet in still the hours I seem not to even recall. My Heart has been dark with hate from every way yet she always prayed and always ask god for the way..
Mad and hate is still all i want to fill with some Unanswerd question Gives my young body cold chills. Hot sweat at the touch tears that flow as much as hunter hunt.
Wasnt it her to care for me
Wasn’t it grandma smith to come save me from all My fears?
Wasn’t it her whom carried my broken body, mind, soul, heart, spirts to show me love when my world had no Vibe void an or lack of self awares?
wasn’t she born to live to teach me?
Wasn’t she the one whom wiped away my silly tears..
is that all were left with what if’s and how could I? yet our lives are ment….
it sure must be cuz i am feeling great granmotherish as the world seem to heal me out of my Mind and away form my heart….
i start this letter with alest you’ve given me a clear place to start … i love you grandma rev lossie smith…

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My lost piece of me that will never come together again.

It has been 8 years since you were gone, I have waited on my window waiting for you to come back. I always look out my window hoping my eyes will see you again. Since you left I have never find the something or someone who will fill this hole you left in my heart.

Its been 8 years since you were gone, but I can’t accept that you’re gone. My heart cried all the time I think of you. I’m sad because I never had a change to say goodbye. I’m sad because I thought you will be here today with me and guide like you always did.

I cried hard to take the pain away but that didn’t help I still miss you. I had good times with you I never had bad times. Now that you’re gone I feel empty and no one will ever fill that emptiness I feel inside me.

Your had a special place in my heart, I loved you more than money, I loved more than itself. I so wish that one day when we meet you will tell me all I wish to know. I so wish you were hear today because I need more than yesterday.

Many times I wished I had the powers to bring you back but I don’t. Many times I wished to follow you but I’m afraid time has not yet come. I sometimes wish time could come faster just to be with you again.

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50th Anniversary Poem

Stop the presses, call the news!
There’s something big in Syracuse!
It’s so cool, it’s really nifty,
Sandra and Eli Roth…are fifty!

Dear Mom and Dad, it’s hard to believe
That time can fly so fast.
You’re married fifty years
We could plot – we’re all aghast!

Ellen, Marty, Steve and Jan,
Hey, we’re all so proud to note
This wonderful occasion
Folks, we’re kvelling…hey, let’s gloat!

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Pisces The Fish

Remember that August evening?
You showed me Pisces the fish,
High up in the night sky.
You pointed. I smiled.
You told me about Aphrodite and Eros
Escaping Typhon,
Monster of many heads.
You lost me at spiral galaxy
And I told you I was a Pisces.
You dismissed this as nonsense.
“But Pisces people are kind,
Compassionate, creative, gentle.”
Remember I pouted my lips,
And then you kissed them?
And you changed your mind,
Saying that it must be true.
I think the Pisces stars danced,
Or your kiss made me wobble.
You suggested a seafood restaurant
And I told you I didn’t care for fish.
Remember how we laughed,
Loud enough for the stars to hear?
I said, “In true Pisces fish tradition,
Perhaps we should be in the water?”
You took me to your flat.
Remember we took that shower?
And I stayed for three whole days?

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Happy Anniversary

25 years of love and care,
With so many good memories to share,
It just brings a smile to my face,
When I come and see you at your place.

When I look at you,
It fills me with so much hope,
The amount of love that you have,
Is enough to make anyone choke.

Love and care with a sprinkle of trust,
In any relation, it is a must.
You have come together on a journey so far,
With your cute little family of chaar.

25 years ago,there was a day in your life,
When you made my aunt, your newly wedded wife,
Dressed in red, with a veil over her head,
She got married, and till date, she has kept us all happy and well fed.

25 years of love and care,
With so many good memories to share,
With lots of love and good wishes, we, the generation next,
Wish you a very happy anniversary, hopefully the best.

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You Are My Love

You are my love
The treasure of my heart
You’re carried in my soul
Never to depart

So, here is my gift
Come and receive
I give you my love
And Waiting to please

What wonderful years
That we have spent
Of sharing our love
And where we’ve been

We’re like two candles
Our love is the flame
We’re burning together
As I carry your name

I love you always Honey
Your the love of my life
It’s always a blessing
Being your wife

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According to words says amazing
Learn to know better these are lazing
So I have to make everything gazing
How will it come to real?

Tire of what is happening this do me ware
Ask to have everything on my own share
Thus he says he have for me care
How will it come to real?

See today I owe you some development
So great I feel to do you management
These they say but not in the parliament
How will it come to real?

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Dad left

It’s a year or two, or maybe three
I spoke with you a while ago
You never said you won’t be here
You left us here without a trace

I recall the days under the tree
You told us tales that never go
It never meant you won’t be here
But gone you are without a trace

Where you are I know u’re free
As free as air you had to go
It always seemed you were always here
When all we see in life is a trace

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Missing You

Dear Michael where have you gone
The last few years have been so long
I look at the sky and pray for you
I wish this was not true
god took you because you were sick
I feel in life its some kind of trick
I know we will all die some day,
but this wont take my pain away
So Michael for now where ever you are
know that i love you my little boy star.

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In His Memory iv

I stood like a lone cloud, and my wandering mind
wondered like a lone star in a harsh cruel cold morn.
One January early morn
when the millennium was newly born, wondering on his exit.
So one day, man will give up, his time on earth all but gone,
the youthful vigor and warriors might will no longer be seen
and man will like a log of wood lie,
his soul and spirit making their journey back to their maker.
I knew a grand Dad, a friend to the brethren
upon whose brow their strength is find.
But death was only a debt
the rich and poor commonly owe, and will only pay.
Oh January! thou bring this memory
and in thy face lives this memorial,
when thou will go,take a message to him,
fare him well, let him know how well he lives with history,

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