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Most Beautiful Anniversary Poems.

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My lost piece of me that will never come together again.

It has been 8 years since you were gone, I have waited on my window waiting for you to come back. I always look out my window hoping my eyes will see you again. Since you left I have never find the something or someone who will fill this hole you left in my heart.

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Worry least , it wont be fine for us all,
Never mind brothers, its us left without you,
And across the sky , the wails we sense .
The cries, the groans and moans still stink , Its visible enough ,

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Love for postpone war

Today is our gala day of love,
everywhere colouring houses,
decorated inn, paths, which
was falling two parts

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The magnificent persuasion had been adorn me
Ring of nickel was glittered of that moment
Barriers commenced breakthrough an inticipation

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Tragedy for plain

I had a dream
to ride on plain
the plain is missed
by an incident

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In a time without time!

Time without time,
more men involved in a chess game
blood mixed on the scales of goods
tonsillitis bite hands busy

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Hope you are well

Interpledge of hydrogen must be less
Lives shall be greener to long mess
Do you really follow its hest
I thought I have given my vest

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Tree of rose

Rose tree rose tree oh
Why your mind is blow
Where is your green rose
How many roses you have grows

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Your presence at Carnival

A man was stand on nearby the carnival
The procession was led by a celebrated crowd
Everywhere of the street was full of peoples
The drum and trumpet was ready for sound

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The broken inside the crushers

Running feet as harbinger
a rusty peace
polluted by fear
Iron hulls soften skin

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