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Death Anniversary Poems. Poems about Death Anniversary. Death Anniversary Poems for Dads and Mothers

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My lost piece of me that will never come together again.

It has been 8 years since you were gone, I have waited on my window waiting for you to come back. I always look out my window hoping my eyes will see you again. Since you left I have never find the something or someone who will fill this hole you left in my heart.

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Worry least , it wont be fine for us all,
Never mind brothers, its us left without you,
And across the sky , the wails we sense .
The cries, the groans and moans still stink , Its visible enough ,

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Dad left

Its a year or two, or maybe three
I spoke with you a while ago
You never said you won’t be here
You left us here without a trace

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My late father in law was great

Hi! my honored late father-in-law :Dr.Praharaj
In my heart’s mirror your picture stays always.
Because of ur love & inspiration I moved ahead,
Got opportunity to put legal knowledge in head.

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In His Memory iv

I stood like a lone cloud, and my wandering mind
wondered like a lone star in a harsh cruel cold morn.
One January early morn
when the millennium was newly born,wondering on his exit.

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My Great Great Grand Ma

Ooh..ok. The phone had just rung, to the worst news of all.
Being that my life was already that small.
My Grandma which is the Mother of My Mother call to tell me.

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And The Rain Rewinds

When I look out the window
And think
If I can ever let go again
And my heart is filled with dreaded fears
Every night I have nightmares

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The Passion Of The Cross

Bread to break
Cup to take

Jesus wants us
To keep the Cross in mind

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A tribute to my beloved mother

Those days will never come back. The day, I was born into her hands. I still see her soft smile of happiness, trying to drip down her cheeks.
She tickled my senses exposed . I nourished by feed of her breasts.

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Where Are Promises Kept?

Seeping into my soul.
My empty eyes are weeping.

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