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Celebrate Life

Birthdays are special times in our lives
To celebrate the gift of God that is called life
Birthdays are special moments in our lives
To recount with joy the goodness of this life

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The Moment

In solemn smiles, we remember that day
When a cry of a baby girl meant a blessing to the world
Gratitude for such a gift, yesteryear could not grind down
With joy, we wait for another of that day
Because the moment is coming

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i am crow

I am a bird, but crow.
Blessed with black,i know.

I belong to the pageant of birds
Which are called by many words.

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Nana’s Birthday

to nana -
it was a reward
to stay at leeward
didn’t get enough
of roque bluffs
‘cause that’s where nana lives

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday I say
And hope it gives you joy
Have a nice day I pray
I hope it makes you coy.

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Baby cries after birth

Within the mother’s womb an unborn baby knows self,
He is forced naturally to touch soil by God’s help.
When he gets birth and waits for a death in future,
World bondage puts him in a wheel of pain-pleasure.

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The gift that God gave me ”my son”

i heard you talking to me over the last 9 months
it was so special and i couldnt wait to meet you
i waited for you and you also bared with me
on the 30 of june i heard you removed from my womb

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Many many happy returns of the day My life, my world, my love
This day is just not your birthday
But in some way a blessing for me
Your my reason of my existence

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Birthdays are special moments
To tell those who are dear
That they are loved & treasured
Not only today but through out the year
Hope this makes you realize that you are special

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My Baby Love

I write this to my baby love
my precious gift sent from above

The very first day I saw your face
I knew no one could take your place

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