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Happy birthday baby

I wish you the best on your Birthday
I just want to see you smile
I’d give you the world if I knew a way
You’re the vision of beauty and style

I don’t know what to give a princess
I have no diamonds or gold
But on my shoulder you can rest
Until we both grow gray and old

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Happy 21st Birthday to my Angel my daughter Amanda

Twenty one years have gone by
From the moment you let out your first cry
Nothing could prepare me for that day
For the love that has gotten stronger in every way
From your birth to your teen years
And into your womanhood
It wasn’t all easy ,it wasn’t all good
What it was is a Blessing
God had given to your dad your brother and me
We have loved you and protected you
And cherished the woman you’ve grown to be
I wouldn’t change who you’ve grown to be
Not always perfect ,but perfect to me

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Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband

Sometimes I worry about you
You don’t relax enough
You work so hard
There is so much for you to do

Sometimes I worry about you
You don’t realize how much
you are appreciated
or how much you give
of yourself to others
or what a wonderful husband
you are to me
and what a perfect father
you are to our children

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Last Wish

Happy birthday my dear,
But know I don’t love you

Happy birthday my dear,
I hope you miss me
Because I’m gone.

Happy birthday my dear
And I hope you’ll notice
My absence.

Happy birthday my dear.
Don’t get too far
With your sentences.

This is the last one
I write you
-I hope this every time.
Yet I’m not fine.

Happy birthday my dear
I’m the last one to tell you
This year.

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Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Today you are plus one with a new life
And may you toil the actualization
Of your dreams because the future belongs
To those who believes in the beauty of

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For A Dear Daughter

To my beautiful daughter,
You were once stored in my loins,
And with the rhythm of this poem,
Allah let you into Mummy’s womb,

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Another celebration!

We are happy, we are free;
Free from the foreign rulers.
Guess this happiness is not all;
That`s not all what matters!

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How Can I Celebrate you?

How can I celebrate you?
Someone so special and true.
You make the sky so blue
So I throw flowers in the air
And say happy birthday to you.

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Which I want for you

I have wanted to do something
I have done anything
What do you want to do with me
Should I do something for you

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You smile like a thousand stars
You walk like the moving sky
You raise the beauty bars
Whenever you walk by
Hip hip hurray

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