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Birthday Poems. Poems about Birthday

Dad’s Birthday (Dad Birthday Poems)

Its was just the day
Like Yesterday
But I felt like something new

I walked on the floor
to the dad’s door
Saw mom kissing his forehead

I thought about the cake
The candles of his age
The balloons, the presents
The party with his friends

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You smile like a thousand stars
You walk like the moving sky
You raise the beauty bars
Whenever you walk by
Hip hip hurray

Your voice is like honey
Your eyes are charming
You’re worth more than money
Your elegance always beaming
Hip hip hurray

Your intellect is adorable
Your friendship is the best
Your courage is admirable
You can’t be compared to the rest
Hip hip hurray

You are God’s treasured creation
You are a vessel onto honour
You have our every attention
And celebrating you is without labour.
Hip hip hurray.

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My Baby Love

I write this to my baby love
my precious gift sent from above

The very first day I saw your face
I knew no one could take your place

Beautiful eyes of crystal blue
I hopelessly fell in love with you

Nothing could compare
to the softness of your hair

Or to the small trace
of me in your innocent face

Soon you learned to walk
shortly after you began to talk

A cuddle bug you came to be
that worked out just fine for me

Hold me is what you’d say
and I gladly did that every day

Look at me mommy is now what I hear
can this be true has it been another year

As time passes by
I can’t help but sit and cry

I’m still here you see
because right now your only three

But one day you’ll be grown
discovering the world all on your own

That’s a little scary for me
your my sweet baby and that’s all I see

I’ll always remember the first time
you cried and I sang “You Are My Sunshine”

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Happy Birthday Col

It’s been about 4 years now,
Since you took us under your wing,
You shared your life with us,
We were holding on by a string.

You gave us a place to call home,
Helped us whenever we needed,
You’re like the father I never had,
Like your own kids we were treated.

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In the next spring, I know my death also will come.
I’ll be born in a novel, the prehistoric.
The time will know-
I am not anymore a man of long standing.
My picture or my phantom is that eye, nose, face?
My past or the wild uproar of the present is that?

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A Gift

Uncle Shakespeare has not yet possessed me,
Although I want to write a poem so badly.
I guess trying hard to impress you’s not easy
Perhaps I’ll cut it off and just be me.

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Girl’s 18th Birthday Poem

Eighteen years ago, plus a few months, I sent out a thought bubble
Wishing for a daughter and that got me in trouble
For on the pregnancy test kit as I trembled with anticipation
Up came a clear blue line that yelled, “You didn’t use contraception”

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Last word

Today is your birthday, so may think
Today, at least by phone will have a wish
Forget for a moment all the conflicts
Time will tell, but for a slightly laughing

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Happy birthday baby

I wish you the best on your Birthday
I just want to see you smile
I’d give you the world if I knew a way
You’re the vision of beauty and style

I don’t know what to give a princess
I have no diamonds or gold
But on my shoulder you can rest
Until we both grow gray and old

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Happy 21st Birthday to my Angel my daughter Amanda

Twenty one years have gone by
From the moment you let out your first cry
Nothing could prepare me for that day
For the love that has gotten stronger in every way
From your birth to your teen years
And into your womanhood
It wasn’t all easy, it wasn’t all good
What it was is a Blessing
God had given to your dad your brother and me
We have loved you and protected you
And cherished the woman you’ve grown to be
I wouldn’t change who you’ve grown to be
Not always perfect, but perfect to me
So on this day you turn twenty~one
I thank God for giving you to us to love
My Angel my daughter your life is a Blessing
To me from Heaven above
Happy Birthday Amanda
I love you Momma

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