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Birthday Poems. Poems about Birthday

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Last wish

Happy birthday my dear,
But know I don’t love you

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For A Dear Daughter

To my beautiful daughter,
You were once stored in my loins,
And with the rhythm of this poem,
Allah let you into Mummy’s womb,

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Another celebration!

We are happy, we are free;
Free from the foreign rulers.
Guess this happiness is not all;
That`s not all what matters!

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How Can I Celebrate you?

How can I celebrate you?
Someone so special and true.
You make the sky so blue
So I throw flowers in the air
And say happy birthday to you.

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Which I want for you

I have wanted to do something
I have done anything
What do you want to do with me
Should I do something for you

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You smile like a thousand stars
You walk like the moving sky
You raise the beauty bars
Whenever you walk by
Hip hip hurray

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You were born today

Your were born on this date
It was fate
Th sun rose twice today
One for the world and once for ye

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In the next spring, I know my death also will come.
I’ll be born in a novel, the prehistoric.
The time will know-
I am not anymore a man of long standing.

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A Gift

Uncle Shakespeare has not yet possessed me,
Although I want to write a poem so badly.
I guess trying hard to impress you’s not easy
Perhaps I’ll cut it off and just be me.

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My Sweet Obsession

Amid the crowd, your devilish gorgeous face mesmerized me
Those enchanting eyes when you gaze captivated me
Your nose that stand firm cheer my very heart
Voluptuous lips that bears like a minx alluring my whole being
Oh, that aristocrat yet charismatic face tugging my heart.

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