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18th Birthday Poems. Poems about 18th Birthdays. 18th Birthday Poems for sisters and sons.

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18th Birthday Poems Archive


You’ve reached an age
where you can choose,
what to wind and
what you can lose,

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Lonely Birthday

Crying the lonely tears
Of an evening
In utter loneliness

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Girl’s 18th Birthday Poem

Eighteen years ago, plus a few months, I sent out a thought bubble Wishing for a daughter and that got me in trouble For on the pregnancy test kit as I trembled with anticipation Up came a clear blue line that yelled, “You didn’t use contraception” Nine months passed too quickly as I enjoyed eating […]

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Flesh and Blood

Exactly 18 years ago
On this very day
I held my breath
As I heard them say

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Poem for a Special 18th Birthday

On your 18th birthday you are given a key
To a whole new world to explore and see
With many decisions for you to make
That effect the future path you take

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Happy 18th Birthday Daughter

From tiny toes to Barbie dolls.
From Barbie dolls to make-up.
From make-up to high school boys.
From boys to college,

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18th Birthday by Shinobi

Time flew away, towards a never-ending ocean…
thoughts wondered astray, through an endless dream;
Years went by, everyone soaked with emotion…
Your life’s melody, notes composing a beautiful theme.

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My daughter’s 18th birthday

I remember feeling your tiny foot pushing my stomach
Outward; reminding me you were inside
At last came the day you were born as I recall
How you looked up at me with
Those big and beautiful eyes

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Son on your 18th Birthday

Through 18 Years I’ve watched you grow

With pride inside my heart

I’ve walked along beside you

From the very start

But the time has come to step aside

And let you choose your path

And I think of all our special times

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