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18th Birthday Poems. Poems about 18th Birthdays. 18th Birthday Poems for sisters and sons.

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Girl’s 18th Birthday Poem

Eighteen years ago, plus a few months, I sent out a thought bubble
Wishing for a daughter and that got me in trouble
For on the pregnancy test kit as I trembled with anticipation
Up came a clear blue line that yelled, “You didn’t use contraception”

Nine months passed too quickly as I enjoyed eating for two
I relished every minute of pregnancy except for times when I couldn’t pass a loo

Katelyn, you came into the world at 4 pm on the 2nd November
Howling and wailing, of that I can remember
We got you through the terrible two’s and right through to five
Until you started pre-school and came home to watch “Blue Clues”, and even “Hi Five”

Each year we’d celebrate your birthday and bake a cake or two
We created Minnie Mouse, Barbie, a Poodle and even a Merry Go Round whipped up out of the blue
We’d sit on the sidelines watching you play netball and cheer you on
Even if the other team was winning by a mile we continued cheering until the day you won

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Son on your 18th Birthday

Through 18 Years I’ve watched you grow

With pride inside my heart

I’ve walked along beside you

From the very start

But the time has come to step aside

And let you choose your path

And I think of all our special times

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