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21st Birthday Poems. Poems about 21st Birthdays. 21st Birthday Poems for sisters and sons.

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Happy 21st Birthday to my Angel my daughter Amanda

Twenty one years have gone by
From the moment you let out your first cry
Nothing could prepare me for that day
For the love that has gotten stronger in every way
From your birth to your teen years
And into your womanhood
It wasn’t all easy, it wasn’t all good
What it was is a Blessing
God had given to your dad your brother and me
We have loved you and protected you
And cherished the woman you’ve grown to be
I wouldn’t change who you’ve grown to be
Not always perfect, but perfect to me
So on this day you turn twenty~one
I thank God for giving you to us to love
My Angel my daughter your life is a Blessing
To me from Heaven above
Happy Birthday Amanda
I love you Momma

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Which I want for you

I have wanted to do something
I have done anything
What do you want to do with me
Should I do something for you
Unless I can’t do anything alone
I will do everything for you
I can do whatever you want
To whom you said doing for your work
I am amazed if I can do work for you
I can do maybe something that you forgot
Do not avoid me I will do
I will do everything for you
I am waiting for you

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Just a little love

Just a little Love-
Walking a thousand miles,
From city to city,
From place to place,

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A New Beginning

We finally are the age of 21!
Our life now has just begun.
We can go out and enjoy ourselves
We can go out and have a party!

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Turning 21

“Turning 21″
You know you’re getting older when
You’re turning twenty-one.
Here’s one result:
You’re an adult.
You’re in a state
To celebrate.
You go to bars
With legal card.
You use your skills.
to pay your bills.

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