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Boyfriend Birthday Poems. Funny, romantic, happy birthday poems for your boyfriend.

Happy Birthday Col

It’s been about 4 years now,
Since you took us under your wing,
You shared your life with us,
We were holding on by a string.

You gave us a place to call home,
Helped us whenever we needed,
You’re like the father I never had,
Like your own kids we were treated.

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A Gift

Uncle Shakespeare has not yet possessed me,
Although I want to write a poem so badly.
I guess trying hard to impress you’s not easy
Perhaps I’ll cut it off and just be me.

Happy birthday! That’s all I wanna say.
Boy, I’m so excited on your special day!
All I can do is love you and pray.
Unless you want ask me, I won’t go away.

You are God’s gift, I want you to know.
And ’tis with you I want to grow
Together we can conquer tomorrow.
I’ll be with you even in sorrow.

It’s not yet Valentine’s Day, obviously.
Still I’m grappling with rhymes. Silly me!
Hope with this gift I make you happy.
Happy birthday, Honey.

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