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Boyfriend Birthday Poems. Funny, romantic, happy birthday poems for your boyfriend.

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Boyfriend Birthday Poems Archive

A Gift

Uncle Shakespeare has not yet possessed me,
Although I want to write a poem so badly.
I guess trying hard to impress you’s not easy
Perhaps I’ll cut it off and just be me.

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My Sweet Obsession

Amid the crowd, your devilish gorgeous face mesmerized me
Those enchanting eyes when you gaze captivated me
Your nose that stand firm cheer my very heart
Voluptuous lips that bears like a minx alluring my whole being
Oh, that aristocrat yet charismatic face tugging my heart.

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Birthday Assignment

I have a Birthday assignment You must complete today: Relax, Enjoy, Have Fun, In every Special way. Happy Birthday! D. Alsup

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So Glad

Webster defines a boyfriend as:

1-a male friend

2- a frequent or regular

male companion

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Your Mine

It’s all about you today,
You give so much
to others all the time
Your caring,
Your helpful,

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Turn the music up
Let it all be right
Babies Mama

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Happy Birthday Sister

Do you know
Why I am happy today?
Because today is very special day
Today a caring and special person

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Birthday Of My Friend

Birthday of my Friend remembering me
That day on which we meet first time
On that day we hesitate with each other
But with the time being he is nearest one

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The birthday gift for you

The birthday gift for you, I pondered thus

Was a ginormous hippopotamus

So you and I could ride

His hippo hide

While sitting on our bottomus

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You’re the presence in my life

You’re the presence in my life
In every which way
My gift of love I give to you
Always, and especially today

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