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Humorous Birthday Poems. Best Humorous Birthday Poems for Friends.

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Pollution! pollution! Pollution!
But what is solution?
I think , no one can give its solution.

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My Birthday Cake

Why is birthday cake so good?
I love it oh so much!
It’s good to eat – but even more –
I think it’s nice to touch!

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Birthday Reminder Poem

It’s your birthday, so don’t feel down;
Don’t think bad stuff and frown;
Your life should be filled with mirth;
Just look what you’ve done since your birth.

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Banned Birthday Poem

I’ve been banned from having birthdays
A new rule has been made
Signed, sealed and delivered
By the local Fire Brigade!

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Getting Older

It’s birthday time again I see;
Another year’s gone by.
We’re older than we used to be;
The thought could make me cry.

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Our Dear Friend’s Birthday

Our dear friend’s birthday is finally here,
So let’s sing, dance and spread the cheer.
Our dear friend however is nowhere in sight,
So forget about the gifts, but not the treat and delight!

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The Candles Are Lit Up

The candles are lit up and on the tray is the cake,
The drinks are ready and the chocolates are kept to bake.
Gifts are already here and more are still left to come,
But birthday-person is not here yet, so let’s take everything and run!

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You know how this department

You know how this department
is a stickler for exact numbers
and following proceedures to the letter
When the Fire Department has arrived
and not one second before
you may light

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Since you won’t tell me your age

Since you won’t tell me your age
I searched your name online
for date of birth
It found 1885
Wow,that can’t be right…
I was off by ten years!!!
Happy Birthday

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