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Son Birthday Poems. Best birthday poems for son.

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In the next spring, I know my death also will come.
I’ll be born in a novel, the prehistoric.
The time will know-
I am not anymore a man of long standing.
My picture or my phantom is that eye, nose, face?
My past or the wild uproar of the present is that?

Though, come and take me to the eternity.
The regular history of life may return again and again!
Now I’m sure enough! There is someone also who is mine.
Whatever the mistake, may belong as a mistake
In the notebook of mistakes in life.
Please, read this notebook too one day, Or
Will throw me also away to any hold home.
I won’t tell you anything, I know-
One day, you’ll be also a prehistoric like I.

If you can, be the tune; there is no verve in the heart of a song.
If you can, write the songs; a poem might also be a song.

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The gift that God gave me ”my son”

i heard you talking to me over the last 9 months
it was so special and i couldnt wait to meet you
i waited for you and you also bared with me
on the 30 of june i heard you removed from my womb
and suddenly you were placed in my hands
it was so remarkable
you the gift that God gave me
you are boy
And i will call you ”son”

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Hugs and Kisses on My Son’s Birthday

Your hug is the best I have ever got, The love from your kiss can never be bought. You will always be my little one, Even when you grow up and give the girls a run. It’s a very special bond between a mother and her son, That heightens on the birthday of the little […]

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My son


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Happy Birthday Son

Anyone can have Birthdays
But someone who’s nice as you
Deserves the very happiest things
And favourite pleasures, too

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On Your 16th Birthday

16 year ago today They placed you in my arms I became a mother Bewitched by all your charms You learned to walk, to read Each day brought something new No more my little boy You hurt, I cried, you grew Sometimes you didn’t need me didn’t want to hold my hand Your independence made […]

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To Our Darling Son

God blessed us with a son who is turning four today,
every day we see His love in you, true as the purest gem.
from His all knowing heart, His very best He sends,
may He keep you always in His tender loving care.
we thank God for all you our son, we’re glad for all you tend,
from a strong yet tender heart and a core that never ends.
as cute as a bug, you are so precious to hug,
a dear child who brings out the sunshine to those who are near.

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