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Most Beautiful Death Poems. Poems about Death.

A Poem For Nick My Younger Brother

Here I Remember you Brother Nick
Yu are not lost nor forgotten,
Where yu rest let nothing bother,
I think of yu often.

It’s not easy to believe that yu are not around,
I still hear ya last voice on a phone call,
Together we were bound,
And nothing could have separated us at all.

But now I realized death has done us part,
And I will never see again ya smile,
But in ma heart bro yu can’t depart,
Now we can’t see each other for a while.

Nine months now,
Seems like forever,
But I pray and take a vow,
May the good Lord have mercy on yu forever.

At first it was hard to accept,
But now I have accepted that yu are gone,
This is a true concept,
Brother like yu have never been born.

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Alice My Princess

My morning dew, the rose of my heart
Clutched by the dark grip of the night
Is your sleep awake? Oh! Little lily of mine
Are you going to return back again?

Oh! Alice my princes are you gone?
In the dark pillow of pain rested thou your head
Only living in the screen of our mind we have solace
While you step towards your world no more pain to live

Living is the lies of life as I watch you go
Beauty dangles in the ring of the crush of death
Oh! Dearest sister, thou rested in thy peace?
What a fairy tale of time floating all the day

When she snatched off your breath
And seated on your honors and faire ride
How fresh you were on the early hours of Thursday
Embroidered were your hairs, cheerful chick

Shining was your face natures beauty adorned
Short was your gown, with sleeves long and wide
Gathering thou roses, seeth thou thy friends
Affirm are thy reality bravest woman thou are

The memories of your yesterday maketh thou great
Thy mother thou leaveth seeketh thy return
Hoping thou to sit on thy God’s glory seat to praise
Where thou will no more weep nor toil

Graze thou not over her weakness oh thou death
She has the power to die no more
Why waited thy strength no more to exist
Where God seated on the mountain top to judge

Oh! Alice my princess, my darling, my hope
Will thou come back? Hope seated in vain
Oh! Thou shocker of our time, the enemy of eternity
Take thou thy shame and she sleeps to die no more

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No Solace

The dew-soaked grasses shimmer light
Refresh the parched, the dry and broken
The hidden petals, unfurl as now awoken
From the remnants of the cloaked black night

He shiver’s by the marble stones of grey
As the crows are gathered by the inanimate form
A body stripped bare from life’s uniform
They present their slow welcome to the day

And then he bows his head once more
His prayer is silent, his lips unmoved
For a true love lost is never soothed
As nights death succumbs once more to dawn
He stands and continues his sad life chore
There is no solace for those who mourn

Then like a Turner flame the vision ignites
His silhouette formed beneath the rays,
Beside the tomb where true love lays,
He creaks and pains to stand upright

Just as the sun, he has to rise again
To walk the path, proud, strong and bold
To take the sorrow, life’s walk unfold
A new day dawns to refresh his pain.

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Midnight Tears

Rolling and rolling on my bed
Sleep evaded my eyes
I sat down looking at the ceiling
Trying not to remember the past
Scratching my head moping
Tears started rolling down my cheeks

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Innocent Voices

I’m tired of hearing those voices cry
Saying: ‘Mother, why me, why me, why?’
My nostrils can no longer bear the smell
Of unborn babies going down the well
My eyes can no longer bear the sight
So terrible, I can’t imagine their plight

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It’s true, now my father is no more, I’m the head.
His cattle sheep and goats, wives ,children and land.
My brothers and sisters from other mothers, call me papa.
I will cuddle my stepmother, the one of my age.
She’ll bear me a son, like brother.
And daughter like sister Tartiana.
On the day of burial, old men of his age, will come.
Flywhisks, stools, and snuff, as they feed on choice food.
They’ll count on debts of imagination, my father owned.
During the war I remember, I lent him a pound.
He didn’t pay, I pushed not, our respect is much.
Now with respect they eat, and carry the best goat.
The roofing of my lovers hut, flutter in the wind.
Visitors must eat, lest we face shame in tears.
Who’s the beautiful girl, breasts like spears.
Her waist so slender, for a man to rise again.
The smile sincere, for her young warrior from battle.
For the widow like a cock, led to slaughter.
After tears are finished, the gone forgotten.
We count our gains and loss, our shame and fame.

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Tears of An Angel

As I stood there,
Tears running down my face,
I see my aunty
finally at rest

Her Body a slight yellow shade,
Her eyes glassy,
But with a look of milk
Her hands as cold, as the cooler in winter

To say good-bye,
Will be the hardest thing
But as the days continue
I still wait for her smiling face

Yelling at me,
Playing with me
Talking to me,
Always will be missed

Her soul will be with me
As she was always
Her life drained away
From a horrible disease

Our family gets together
All but one
The one that could not face it
To be with her dying mother

The thought brings shivers
As I try to recollect her last
Happy Easter, I love you all

I hears these words, a whisper
Such she had in her dying days
Forever kept in my mind
As I move onwards in life

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My Sweet Sister

My sweet sister bring smile in our face
But it was merely for some more days
When you enter the world I happily jump
After some days all were numb

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For My Mom

Your absence is not death
But a perpetuation of your soul
For the essence of your fragrance
Lingers on
You abide today in another world
Timeless and eternal
Awaiting the configuration of family

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Death’s Doorway

Thoughts of death are flooding my mind
How to do it, how to die
Should I give in or should I fight
Fight for life or fight to die
Death is calling my name, with his gentle voice

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