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Grandmother Death Poems. Death poems about grandmothers. Poems for grandmothers death.

I Want To Know

What was her last words?
When she passed away
What did her face look like?
Did she even think of me?
And if not…
What was her last wishes?

What was the doctors’ reaction?
Did she closed her eyes by herself?
Did the doctor did it for her?
Did she die in pain?
Tears rolling her cheeks
Or did she
Gave up a sigh of relief?

I want to know more
About my grand mamas’ death
For I loved her
So that…
Me, grieving in pain
Shouldn’t be in vain.

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She Passed Away

Uncontrollably tears flooded my cheeks
Red were my eyes
Even how hard I tried
To cry out
Nothing could be heard
Painful it was
Only had I known
In relationships
But my grandmas’ death
Was another one
Oh death!!!

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