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Memory Poems. Memorial poems for mothers, fathers, dads, husbands, friends, childrens, babys, brothers.

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Titanic – My Love

Who were those hoodlum, who wanted thy do lour ,
thou were revered by all the classes , honored by only colors’ ,
thou ruled the entire family of the galleys , who looked like the great Hercules ,
who had a large amount of strength , whose strength was impenetrable .

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why not you here

I passed through the way
That you often used to take
I searched for them
Your essence,your voice

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Sweet Eden

If i no longer stay here in this Eden,
I will cease to desire beauteous visaged tapestries,
For i would compare with thou eyes all that is here in Eden
with all that i will be blinded to once i am

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We saw the morning dawn,
the sun rise from the bridge.
We saw the peaceful night fall,
the stars sparkle above the ridge.
As always avoiding the next day.

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Possum Slim (V2)

105 years old today
Possum Slim finally
gets his GED,
drinks gin,

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Bitter Green

because of too many nightmares I’m visited by the dead
those familiar persons with ordinary words
with hobbies and bad habits
so homy /
we ride together on the horse or in the small car

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A Letter to My Heart

Hushed tone of my heart
Our eyes were entwined with ropes of pearls
thee and mine orb
like an avenue of pleached roses

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A Special Day

That was a day, so special for me !
I found my friend again on FB.
Immediately sent some messages & a request;
And then started her timeline’s quest.

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Death day and Birthday in a Day

That day, seven o’clock in the morning,
There was a knock at the door.
Oh!, my younger brother.
He said, daddy, Baale is dead!

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One More Fallen Soldier

One more fallen soldier now a star up in the sky,
Shining brightly down below, winking as you fly.
On one more final mission, one more final post,
Guarding those in heaven, who need you now the most.

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