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Memory Poems. Memorial poems for mothers, fathers, dads, husbands, friends, childrens, babys, brothers.

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To Jordan Johnson

Tis a sad day for brother and I
Even sadder that I never got to say goodbye
Tis a dreary feeling I have come by
Tis mortal defeat that I can’t deny
My heart aches as the hours go by
My mind turns as I look at the sky

As quickly as he came into this fabled world
No sooner did he leave with untold words
Tis nothing that I can do
I can’t even give a fellow adios
The days are dark, the moments are there
But then I wonder does anyone care?
Why is life so unfair?
Why is life so quick to tear?
The bonds so strong now break like glass
The bonds so hard now soft like brass

Perpetual pain it seems to be
Unending tears following through me
A phony fake, do I seem like he
A decent crook might, that what I be
Alas no, it is true to thee
Unfortunate Yes, why did it be
A heart so kind, unlike none
A heart so bright, just like the sun
A brother to me, with no treachery
A brother to me, like none I’ve seen

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why not you here

I passed through the way
That you often used to take
I searched for them
Your essence,your voice
Your shadows,your choice

I trembled within my heart
Fumbled were the hands
Eyes eager to empty
Its tear,oh dear,why not you here

Let the earth be frozen
Bring everything to a standstill
So that you can feel
Shouts of my soul
Pain beneath the veil

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Pillow Fight

As i stood watching silently
Out of a hotel room
I could still hear their cry
Far back in the years
The years of joyfulness
When we had a pillow fight
Father mother kids
Running all over the house
It gave me joy
To see the young ones play
And when tired
We would simply have
To run into the shower rooms
Stand under the showers
Then have fun
Get to the bed
And fall like logs
With a simple good night kiss
From my husband
While the kids shouted
Endlessly good night mum
mmmmh oooh

But now i have nothing
But memories of the pillow fight
To hold onto
And a whole huge house
Gazing and gaping
oooh the pillow fight

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The Last Mile

The clock that ticks all night
Carelessly without ceasing
As i lay down in deep slumber
Reminds me all the time
Not to forget but wake up
For when the sun sets
And the blue skies turn grey
Then dark
I shall have to walk the last mile
Of the journey
To my heavenly home
For whose costruction materials
I gave to my Father
While on earth

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Art Of The Mind

Every art has it’s own true color of a humans mind
It tells a story of it’s own kind with deep imagination
of dreams of life experience,

The mind is a beautiful computer that holds memory
it’s own film the root of it’s own kind
When it close up the strips the veil of true manuscript
of what one has lived,

Fantasy and dreams of the unknown mind trailing zone
makes a good story of true art take you places you had never been,

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My Fear Of Some Day

I fear that some day
It will be smelt in my breath
I fear that some day
It will be heard in my voice
I fear that some day
It will be seen in my eyes
I fear that some day
It will be felt in my touch
I fear that some day
It will be heard from my loud dreams
I loved one i could not have

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Sweet Eden

If i no longer stay here in this Eden,
I will cease to desire beauteous visaged tapestries,
For i would compare with thou eyes all that is here in Eden
with all that i will be blinded to once i am
gone from here,
Oh, sweet Eden, how i yearn never to be parted from thee,
Nor bid adieu from thee, for how my heart treasures you,
For from the very first time I saw my Eden,
I oathed to follow paradise forever,
For i partook of gods’ sight for mine and our eyes were one,
And Eden was a place where was housed only springs and
summers there, no chill of autumn and winter
could be felt,
And i followed my Lord throughout our Eden,
And he created novel blossoms for thou with such ease,
And he created courteous fauna to appear before thou, in
such a mighty way, that i envied him,
And god would send me trifles with a wave of his hand,
such love blithed blessings for thou, and i knew
he adored me,
If i no longer stay here in this Eden, i will cease to desire
beauteous visaged tapestries,

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A Limitless Limit

The colours of the rainbow
Don’t get washed off

Dawn to dusk
Life to death

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Titanic – My Love

Who were those hoodlum, who wanted thy do lour ,
thou were revered by all the classes , honored by only colors’ ,
thou ruled the entire family of the galleys , who looked like the great Hercules ,
who had a large amount of strength , whose strength was impenetrable .

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We saw the morning dawn,
the sun rise from the bridge.
We saw the peaceful night fall,
the stars sparkle above the ridge.
As always avoiding the next day.

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