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Miscarriage Poems. Miscarriage poems for moms, dads, babys, childreens. Poems about miscarriage.

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Softly, softly I knew you were there Softly, softly You grew – I swear Softly, softly Your time was gone Softly, softly You’ll be my forever song Jackie Morgan

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To Our Baby Aiden

We received this amazing miscarriage poem from Nicholas who told us:

My wife miscarried with our son Aiden 2 months ago. I help out as much as I can. When she cries at night I wipe her tears and hold her tight. I tell her that we are in this together and we will make it through this.

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Innocense Lost

Blindly I followed
at your every desire
Becoming forever hollowed

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Just the other day..

It was just the other day i got a postive pregnancy test.
It was just another day, another day hard to forget.
The joy and warmnth in my heart to become a mother again, to just another day hoping the bleeding will end.
But then again i cant pretend that having you in my stomach for those 8 weeks didnt mean the world to me.

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You are Mine!

Your guardian angel
placed you in my womb.

A safe haven, right under my heart.
I held you with my body,

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Born Sleeping

Daughter, sister, little pearl,
We waited for you, baby girl.
Unexpected, treasured still,
We loved you then and always will,

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A Broken Heart

I wanted you
Right from the start
Hear the beat of this broken heart
Now you’re gone
It’s not to be
Why were you taken from me
My baby is gone
My life goes on
My heart still beats

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Early Miscarriage

I will never get to meet you, or see u on a scan,
I will never stroke your little cheek or kiss your little feet.

It is so hard to swallow that forever now
I will never hear your heart beat.

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