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Mother Death Poems. Death Poems for Mom. Poems about Death of a Mother.

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For My Mom

Your absence is not death
But a perpetuation of your soul
For the essence of your fragrance
Lingers on
You abide today in another world
Timeless and eternal
Awaiting the configuration of family
To rejoin you
In the perpetual journey
Spanning eternity

We have not lost you
For love never dies
And you were the quintessential gem
The circlet of gemstones
In the jewelled crown
Of your family

The heart may delay recognition
That your grace
Was meant for greater things
Transcending the comprehension
Of mortals

So the tears fall – secret and open
A briny solution
Washing away
Pain into oblivion
Enabling the emergence
Of enlightenment into acceptance
That your absence is not death
But a perpetuation of your soul

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Everything around me feels deserted
Like a haunted house
Lying deep in the woods…
During winter
My stomach feels worse
A pool of water surrounds me
Made of tears from my weary eyes
All my body trembles and aches
My knees are bloody
It has been seven days
Since I have been kneeling…
By your grave
Since you have been buried…
I have been praying
That maybe
One day…
You’ll come back
To kiss me farewell
Or even to say hi…

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Forever Goodbye To My MOM

whenever i think of that moment
i cry every moment
the day when i said last goodbye to my Mom
i wish it wasn’t the last goodbye to my Mom
i am so unlucky i lost the best present of GOD
i apologized and ask again to GOD
but it was my last present that i lost
i wish that none of a child should lost!

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Tragedy of life

Life seems unfair,thy world shal accept you neither ritch nor poor, life is like a trip to nowhere, when you eat today you can eat again tomorrow for its unreveald properties, mom is dead, she used to sell me bread ones was a spoil breat, now life became massive, what makes it difficult ? Life is easy for its a story and every character shal play thy part. Hold on and try to keep on keeping on

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Bleeding pain

I still hear the cries,
the scratching and yelling
fighting over who’s telling lies,
he’s a abuser,

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Mom remember how I looked up at you
when I was just a child?
Mom now that your in Heaven I still do.

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To Mother Across The Sundering Skies

Left alone in this vast void of Earth
I am
Calling out to thee
Who vanished without a trace
Into the fathomless fathoms of Universe

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My Mother

We all have a loved one, that we loved very dear
The reason things happen, is not very clear

The time has come, I hate to say
The day you left us, On Mother’s Day

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Pigs surround us
Stalking their prey
They strike,
Like a hawk
It’s a blur

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To A Very Special Mom

I gazed up at the sky each night,
And find the brightest star,
It’s always waiting there for me,
So close, but yet so far,

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