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Missing Pieces

I miss you
Just like the world misses peace
and my arms can no longer breathe;
broken, tied bones
who tie my shoes
when I’m on my way too see you again.

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Sorrows have merged with fears,
Everything seemed so dark and unclear,
Things around me changed and so did I,
Truth has now tampered my life,
Puzzles are gauging me away,
To the darkness of a lie,
I wish I could control my will,
But it was too late to tell the truth,
Broken Heart let in the pain and grief,
And Broken Soul leaded to an, “Unwilling Lie”,
Body was bound by assumptions of spells,
As if some evil witch was tampering my pride,
I want to fight, but i have to sigh,
May be the weakness within me is leading to an ,”Unwilling Lie”.
Counting the days of my life,
I wish I wasn’t born at this stage of my life,
Later I realize that my journey in this world have just begun,
I still have plenty of time to turn over the,”UNWILLING LIE”.

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A Mother’s Love

Her smile was the first thing
That my tender eyes saw
Her sweet voice opened happiness’ door
Cos songs of love she often would sing

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Thank You Dad

Thank you for playing the role of a real father
A real one who’s always being’ there
For the knowledge & skills that you’ve shared
Thank you dad for all the help you gave.

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Letter To My Father

All I know is it all begun with your presence
But now ts d struggles without you
Cold nights yet I miss the essence
Why u ain’t here and why t had to be you
Through the sunny days, I prayed and wished 4 rain
Not anticipating that it may flood
So when ma step dad came t was like the perfect rain
then thins changed, he was that dark storm cloud
Rained tears to blood n there was war at home
Asked mom why this ain’t better
She said I will grow up to be greater
Michael’s wings above me,ma resistance is god given
I hold into your name and the legacy of angels

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My Girls

I have your little hand
I wouldn’t dream of letting go
I want to teach you everything
So much more than I know

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There is so much i wanna say

I poured my heart into believing some things last forever
But I think I was wrong because now were not together
U always used to talk about our happy ending
Now I know every word you said was a lie you were just pretending
The love I felt was very real
No words explain the way I truly feel
There are so many things I want to say like how you take my breath away

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The little things I won’t get to do,
Now you’re gone there’s no reason to,
It hurts to know I’ll never see you,
One day maybe God will see it through.

Your smile in the pictures look nice,
I hope in the future I’ll get to see them in real life,
I stay up getting drunk and rolling dice,
Wishing I could mean “I hate you” twice.

We ended too fast too soon,
The stars were shining and so was the moon,
No we are not bound for doom,
So why don’t you come back to my room?

Three years pass like the wind,
You’re probably grown up now and have your share of sins,
Perhaps you ordered a gin,
You drink it now in pints.

I’m falling down so deep,
Into a place where the light doesn’t seep,
I hope at night when you’re counting sheep,
You’ll dream of me as you sleep.

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Legacy of Legitimacy

No child is illegitimate
I say no child is illegitimate
No child is a love child
I say no child is a love child
Lift the man-made ban
Spoil the opportunistic plan
Every child has a father
As long as she has a mother
Some are licentiate from social institutions
Some are unattended by the irresponsible fathers

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Father’s Words Of Wisdom

The cleverest have a life to lose son
But strike before you are struck
Be not the first to quarrel
Nor the last to make it up
But when the going becomes tough

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