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Dear Aunt

You’re thoughtful and so caring too,
and I hope that you can see,
the depth of what I feel for you,
how much you’re loved by me.
You’ve influenced me very much,
much more than I have shown.

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Your voice deep and enchanting,
Speak the word,
Gifting the air with a bouquet of love.
So intricate & divine,
I breathe in,
Deep and steady.

Like Nectar to the soul,
You nourish me deep,
within my inner chasms.
Food for thought I guess!!!

How can it be,
That these words spoken,
Fills me with such merriment,
In ways not yet familiar
A feeling so profound
I am found.
A symphony of tones animate my feet
I am prancing!
Love takes me by the hand,
We are dancing,
To an eternal waltz,
From the orchestra of the gods!

I have taken a sip
of this cocktail
harnessing blends and dashes,
to quench my thirst.
Intoxication of this wine,
 so divine,
sweet to the taste,
prompting responses, I reciprocate
back to you with equal measure
to satisfy your need,
however grand it be
I can fulfil it!

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Great Aunt

The tragedy is, she says,
there’s not enough sadness in me.
She lilts, testing her hem between
slender fingertips.

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Showers, flowers, fallen leaves, and cold,
the rotation never gets old.
The cycle continues like a clock,
it never seems to miss a tick or a tock.

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MY AUNT by Bamgbose

My parents brought my aunt over last Monday
She looked really sick
She had come with her two children
The journey wasn’t that quick

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My favorite aunt

She’s the best,
She’s the youngest,
I’d say she’s the greatest.

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Poems about Aunt

“Certain people touch our lives
in a very special way.”
You’re so much like a “Mom” to me,
that’s how I think of you,
and I’m eternally grateful
for everything you do.
You take the time to listen,
you always seem to care,
you’ll never know just how much,
it means to have you there.

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