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Dear Aunt

You’re thoughtful and so caring too,
and I hope that you can see,
the depth of what I feel for you,
how much you’re loved by me.
You’ve influenced me very much,
much more than I have shown.

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Your voice deep and enchanting,
Speak the word,
Gifting the air with a bouquet of love.
So intricate & divine,
I breathe in,
Deep and steady.

Like Nectar to the soul,
You nourish me deep,
within my inner chasms.
Food for thought I guess!!!

How can it be,
That these words spoken,
Fills me with such merriment,
In ways not yet familiar
A feeling so profound
I am found.
A symphony of tones animate my feet
I am prancing!
Love takes me by the hand,
We are dancing,
To an eternal waltz,
From the orchestra of the gods!

I have taken a sip
of this cocktail
harnessing blends and dashes,
to quench my thirst.
Intoxication of this wine,
 so divine,
sweet to the taste,
prompting responses, I reciprocate
back to you with equal measure
to satisfy your need,
however grand it be
I can fulfil it!

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