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Daughter Poems. Best poems for daughters from mothers and fathers.

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Whispers to Lanina

La’ Nina
La’nina, La’nina my gentle one
Beloved daughter, precious pearl
In my pilgrimage many disciplines I learned

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Daddy’s Girl

She’s just a darling little girl, as precious as a lamb,
She rules our home in many way that not another can.
She’s in and out, and here and there, throughout our busy day,
And many times I stop my work because she wants to play.

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Every day I’m forced to question if I’m doing the right
thing – when I’m telling her the stories of the mythological
Kings, stories of the goddess and of Mother Nature’s wings, cos
It’s when they’re really young that’s when the learning begins. I

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My Mother’s Twin

Passionate symbols symbolized
Theories theoretically theorized
The semblance of your semantics synchronized
What you mean to me I wish it could be

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To the Reverend’s Daughter

All day long,
I stand to think of you.
All night long,
I lay to gratify
Your crystalising beauty.

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From a distant land through a million years,
Our trail has come so far,
Through many trials, toil and fear,
In the light of a guiding star.

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like a bottle containing a vast ocean
like a weak overflowing dam
My heart bottles inside unpunctual love

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Lost at Sea

There was upon a time…it’s been some years ago.
Once she, a little girl…now grown, a girl we know.

This little girl was she…as perfect as one could;
So sweet and precious too….in awe, her mother stood.

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You are my light at the end of every tunnel

I look into your eyes each morning
And I thank god you are mine
Not only are you my beginning
You are my end of time

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Modern girl

I am today’s girl
I am a modern girl
my emotional maturity is my plus
my confidence level is outstanding
we are of the modern blend

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