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Daughter Poems. Best poems for daughters from mothers and fathers.

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From a distant land through a million years,
Our trail has come so far,
Through many trials, toil and fear,
In the light of a guiding star.
But now we are to walk across,
The plain of great divide,
Our broken armies may not survive,
Unless our hands unite.
For ti’s a great and heavy task,
To reach the promised land,
And none alone can bear the load,
For none alone can stand.
If we don’t see how small we are,
To steer the ship alone,
That we have sailed and come this far,
And we’ve achieved and done.
This quest is not of lonely hearts,
Of nations is the prize,
Give me your hand right now we have,
An army to unite.

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Whispers to Lanina

La’ Nina
La’nina, La’nina my gentle one
Beloved daughter, precious pearl
In my pilgrimage many disciplines I learned
Nobler things is the heart of essence
To find the truth thy sightlessness must know
When knowledge speaks thy deafness let cease
Open ears let truth instruct
And all you seek thou shalt find
I knowest thy will and thy fortitude
Thy candor let cease not
Speak thy mind and thy heart albeit tough
Increase thy vigor and autonomy
Obey thy conscience and thy will
Follow they intuition amid the din
No faint fervor nor so hasty desire
Should thy fall arise again and again and fight
Wait for no compulsion, command thyself
Endeavor for mastery of thy psyche
Humble yet mighty a woman
Learn from every situation yet strive to learn from others
It shall offer thee solace and preserve thy might
Submit to nothing but nobleness and gallantry
Let thy loving heart evermore sow seeds of love
Like an athlete go all-out for the prize, the crown
Thou art independent and liberal
Do not be a slave of thought and people and situations
When trials come pray and always seek God for guidance
Strive to His will, He is thy Father and forever friend

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