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Most Beautiful Mother Poems from Kids.

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Mother Poems Archive

Ammi (Mother)

Whoever wherever I am
it’s all because of you
you were, engine of my van
to success you lead me to

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A letter to my mother

Dear mother
Today I saw a bright weather
So I decided to write you this letter
We are separated by a hundred kilometers

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m is for the million things she gave me
o means only that she,s growing old
t is for the tears she shed to save me
h is for her heart of purest gold

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I Love You So Much

I do remember 
She was kissing me
And I also kissed.

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My Missing You

The joy of life has stopped for me
It happened oh so suddenly.

I do not look at life the same
I sit and wonder at it’s name (life)

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God’s gift

I still remember those delightful days,
When your genial touch blessed me ,
When you guided me on confused ways,
When you made my weakness to flee,

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Her Eyes

I have looked into those eyes so many times.
I have seen them shine like the brightest star.
I have seen them angry with rage.
Looking past, looking at me.

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Tribute to A Mother

She brought me to this earth
With the deepest day ever
I had my first breath
That changed my life forever

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You’re everything to me my mom
You always teach me to do the right things now
Even before when I was young
You never stop loving me even at times when bad

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You are my precious mother,
And my beloved teacher!
You are always there for me,
And whatever I am and gonna be,
Is because of you!

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