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Most Beautiful Mother Poems from Kids.

God’s Gift

I still remember those delightful days,
When your genial touch blessed me ,
When you guided me on confused ways,
When you made my weakness to flee,

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Simply Blue

Like always fair haired
but unrecognizable to me.
Once big now small
unveiling her beauty to see.
Open mind closed mouth
unlike her I remain to me.
Only I could do wrong
only I could see through.
I could not hold on
my emotion I exposed on to you.
You are simply red
and I am simply blue.
Like always fair haired
but unrecognizable to me.

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A Thousand Tears

Down and out I turned around,
Picked back up when I was found.
I asked for a hand how foolish of me,
not one of my tears could you bear to see.

A thousand tears I cried at night,

I crave so much to see the light.
this darkness inside worsens by day,
compressed by the pain that’s determined to stay.
I can only dream that i’ll be rid of this pain,
it runs in my blood
it runs through my veins.

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