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Most Beautiful Mother Poems from Kids.

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I’m yours to own…..

I was fallen down, and I shouted in pain,
I looked behind, same voices again,
I closed my ears, but they were all around,
Tears from my eyes, I was a bit astound,
Then I saw a hope in that heartless crowd,
Sweet melodious sound, in so much loud,
I waved my hand, and in rejoice I mourn,
Hey please take me home, I’m your’s to own…..!!

Yes, I did mistakes and I never learned,
I couldn’t walk, my ways were burned,
I didn’t care, I didn’t even try,
Sitting alone in home, I know you always cry,
Blindly I trusted them, followed them, it’s true,
Now everyone’s gone, no-one’s left, just you,
Don’t leave me like this, I’m afraid of unknown,
Please take me with you, as I’m your’s to own……!!

I’m petrified, I see peculiar things and places,
I’m tired, running away from unknown faces,
I can’t take it anymore, I’m so weary,
Poignant is my heart, look I’m so teary,
I heard them laughing mom, see how I lie,
Look I smiled again, but inside I die,
I did wrong things, but am I just a garbage to be thrown?
Please help me rise again mom, as I’m your’s to own…….!!

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Her smile was the first thing
That my tender eyes saw
Her sweet voice opened happiness’ door
Cos songs of love she often would sing

Hers were the first fingers
To caress my delicate skin
With real love she kissed my chin
Such love that forever lingers

When I was in tears
She wiped my eyes
Fought hard to subdue my cries
And calmed me from all my fears

When I was starving
She went hungry that I might eat
She fed me with good meat
And soon I started laughing

Both in good times and in bad
She was always with me
In moments of adversity
She never left me sad

She suffered nine months of agony
Suffered nine month of stubborn pain
Nine months of relentless strain
All this just because of me

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Can You Hear Me Momma?

I have broken my own spirit;
I have caused most of my pain.
I have spilled my own life’s blood;
Yes, it’s me that is to blame.

Yet, can you hear me singing Momma?
Can you hear me sing my song?

Momma, Momma, can you see me?
See the tears I’ve cried life long?

Can you feel me near you Momma?
Can you feel the pain in me?

I’m so close that you could touch me.
You could turn the you and I into a we;
For all I have ever wanted
Was to make you proud of me.

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She Knows not

Young and pretty, with basically no worries
At your beck and call are your needs
But only one thing I do not seem to comprehend,
HOW tall you have become in your little shoes.
With the mind of an economist, you have devalued everybody in the household.
She labored for nine months, so you see light
But you have become the darkness of her entire life,
With her eyes now turned clouds, the droplets so heavy that
The farmers’ crop is washed away.
Like the creator who at a point in time regretted to have brought into existence man,
Was she.
She was heart laden with grief that she said “oh! Child of my womb”
Death, whom she feared on labor bed now she dares
BUT! Woman, be calm and worry no more
For there she flies and roams with the wings as broad and heavy as that of an eagle,
With no err of consciousness
With no attitude
With no gratitude
And all about her is rude.
Twenty-first girl she thinks she is…with no rational mind.
In your pensive mood, lie down and wait till…
She becomes a woman too
Till she lays to bed and then…

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God’s Gift

I still remember those delightful days,
When your genial touch blessed me ,
When you guided me on confused ways,
When you made my weakness to flee,
When you sparked for me the knowledge rays,
When you put forth my reality which I could see,
When you send me to the side where one headway,
When you even chided me for being too naughty.
Then why now I am not under your magnificence ?
Why you were me from you, I could not predict .
I could not find in anything a sense.
What I could find mother that I was losing god’s most precious gift.

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My Missing You

The joy of life has stopped for me
It happened oh so suddenly.

I do not look at life the same
I sit and wonder at it’s name (life)

The days are long and dreary now
I no longer know what to do
every day since you passed away
all I long for is you.

I know this is not what you’d want
you’ve said so many times
but my process of “grieving” isn’t
as simple as a nursery rhyme.

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Waiting For You Baby

Although we are yet
To meet you
You’re already a joy
To watch you grow
Your mother glow
We’ve been blessed
More than you’ll ever know
We long to see your precious face
Welcome you home to a special place
Count out ten fingers
Tickle ten toes
Figure out if you’ve mums
Or dads nose
Your first cry will
No doubt bring tears
A sound we’ll remember
The rest of our years
So they tell us you’re
About two weeks away
From entering the world
Please don’t delay
We’ve been so patient
For nine months or so

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Simply Blue

Like always fair haired
but unrecognizable to me.
Once big now small
unveiling her beauty to see.
Open mind closed mouth
unlike her I remain to me.
Only I could do wrong
only I could see through.
I could not hold on
my emotion I exposed on to you.
You are simply red
and I am simply blue.
Like always fair haired
but unrecognizable to me.

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A Thousand Tears

Down and out I turned around,
Picked back up when I was found.
I asked for a hand how foolish of me,
not one of my tears could you bear to see.

A thousand tears I cried at night,

I crave so much to see the light.
this darkness inside worsens by day,
compressed by the pain that’s determined to stay.
I can only dream that i’ll be rid of this pain,
it runs in my blood
it runs through my veins.

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Mother is the light
of her child’s life.
She is the gardener
who never lets her flowers die.
She is the only person
who can stop you from telling a lie.
She is the high mountain
who stops the evil clouds.
She is the only seed
which bears many flowers.
She is a candle
who lights up life even at the last moment.
She is a being
who can never be replaced by anyone.
She looks out for others
even though she herself needs to be looked after.
She ends our sufferings
in mysterious ways
She loves and treats everyone equally
for she is the one angel, who loves us more than anyone….

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