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Hide and Seek

The day you were born, I was born as a mother
You filled happiness in my life, I looked for brighter days further

Blue booties and baby talks, gave me joy in numerous ways
Your babyhood made me merry and soon you outgrew diaper days

When you turned a toddler child, you never rested for a while !
Located friends in Hide-and-Seek, found colours in Crocodile-Crocodile

Oh my dear son see this year, you turned into a two digit figure,
Loving school, birds, tennis, painting, you are a playful junior !

The day ahead is not so far, you are going to find new wings
To explore the place away from home during the winters and the springs

You need to learn a few more things besides the languages, science and math
Managing time, study and hobbies, persistently following the right path

Our home would be a void, when you would go away
Longer would be mine then each night and day…

In your room and in the garden, I would seek you here and there
Terrace above and backyard bird bath, I would miss you every where…

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