For My Father..Thank You For The Music

Memories I have of you play melodies in my heart.
They filled our home with songs and laughter too
Your smile stretched to cover us with your mantle of love
Dad thank you for the music, your music pulls me through.

Music was your all, and a gift to me as a child at six
of a guitar to play and taught me how to play it too
you wanted us to all make music in all our lives
Dad thank you for the music, and the wonder of you.

I hear you pluck your guitar like the tumble of a stream
It echoes in my heart and touches my very soul too
and you opened your home to your friends of music
Dad thank you for the music, as I listened to them too.

I’d run to you when I was down, and you’d hold me tight
and tell me to not give up, as God would help me through
when I play your instrumentals, my tears begin to fall
Dad thank you for the music, and when I’m in Heaven

I will play my beloved music , with you

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