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Most Beautiful Friendship Poems. Read Poems on Friendship.

That’s What Friends are For

When you’re hungry come to me
When in need you can count on me
I’ll clothe and shelter you when you’re bare
Don’t be afraid, your problems to share

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Tears from my eyes fall now
I remember that good afternoon, you and
Promised with no forced hand of once, to be my one only
To be my love for life, and I smiled, thrilled, sealed with Kiss Like
a  fool, I was kissing a werewolf in sheep clothing Teeth
gleaming and grinning, in the moonlight You told me
to have, knickers down quick Not letting know,
I was wrong You let the thing in me,

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Friends Forever

We are closer than anyone could ever imagine.
No one could imagine the bond we share
No one can take your place in my life
We are friends forever and…
Friends forever can never be separated.

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Why are you sad,
But inside I know you’re mad;
You always say nothing,
But actually every ending has a beginning.

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The Lost Friend

I feel no joy but only pain
Why my eyes always rain!
With blood sorrow flows in vein
My life has lost its gain

It is hard to understand
Why sometimes I write on sand
There is no one who makes me feel grand
You know you were my only friend

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The Day Before You

Sitting here rocking away on the home front porch
On and off constantly clicks my mind’s bright torch
Hearing patter on the roof of the heavy falling rain
Music to lots of lyrical thoughts of a life lived in vain

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When life is too hard and you can’t get by,
When your heads in a vice and it’s making you cry,
When it all goes so wrong whatever you try,
Just stay alive.

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I wish I Could Go Back As a Second Year!!!

Standing in the midst of farewell
I remember the day I came
I found myself in a shell
And probed someone to be ma flame

Ma eyes started to look
the one who will take me out of this hook
I smiled at the one
who sat beside me

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from me to you n theres even more
people i speak to i cant believe
that you all say hi back just to me
if u look around n see who smiles
theres not to many that u cud put into a pile
smiles are not easy if ur feelin sad
so why make me smile cause you know your gona make me mad
you bounce you twich your body starts to rock
as you keep lookin up at that tickin clock
time is fast time is slow
how far are your feelings willin to go
you wana say yes but its always the word no
my friends to me come n go
that is why i neva want to show
my best side my love side n of course the real me
cause i can be so shy so why would i let you see
the person you want like if you dare
cause it aint me your tryin to scare
all of you n even my friends
and i know you really love me drivin you round the bend
i am honest and fun to be around
jus give me a chance stop bein a clown
so wot if im a crazy b…h
cause i know youl be laughin so much ul get the stitch
so really im glad i said hi
and smiled to you all n my friends n family up in the sky
cause i do have a heart for you all to share
and its filled with love so please dont compare
i love my life my friends and the other me
and im only just startin to let you all see
that im a real person with real heart n feelings
so yes please do put me with those human beings

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Our Fight

Sometimes I fight with my friends and the also fight me.
They tell that you are wrong
And I tell them that you are wrong.
And when our teacher see us

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