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Friends Forever Poems. Poems for Best Friends.

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Friends Forever

We are closer than anyone could ever imagine.
No one could imagine the bond we share
No one can take your place in my life
We are friends forever and..
Friends forever, can never be separated.

We’ve been through so much together,
We have always been there for each other
Supporting each other no matter what life throw at us.
Sharing everything, trusting each other with anything.
We are friends forever and..
Friends forever, can never be seperated

So many amazing memories, never to be forgotten.
So many moments shared together
The amount of time spent together…
The wonderful time spent together
We had our own sets of arguments
We had our fights
But nothing could ever break our ties
We are friends forever and…
Friends forever can never be separated

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Standing in the midst of farewell
I remember the day I came
I found myself in a shell
And probed someone to be ma flame

Ma eyes started to look
the one who will take me out of this hook
I smiled at the one
who sat beside me

It was the beginning of a journey
And everytime it felt funny
Coz it took me in to the world
It opened another door of FRIENDSHIP!! Oh!! GOD!!!

I found that innocence
It was there in every face
Thus we tied ourselves
with that truthfulness

We walked together hand in hand
We stand together even against the hardest wind
Ate together, even the food is less
Fight together for silly reasons I guess :)

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The very first time I did meet you
That we’d be such close friends, I never knew
The first thing I did tell you, I think
Was that I wanted some water to drink

We worked together with a notion
Having found out we had a like passion
Like the radiance of the brilliant sun
You impacted me in more ways than one

Now like a needle pierced through my heart
The wind of life has blown us far apart
Don’t know if I’ll ever see you again
But our friendship shall forever remain

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Best Friends Forever

We’ve been friends now,
for quite a while.
Through ups and downs,
tears and smiles.

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