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Another Windsor

“That’s what happened to Windsor, children,
he flew to heaven in a bliss”
“Everything’s over but you didn’t tell us
what happened to Churchill, miss!”

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Nature of Soul

Souls are linked with the source of all nature.
Humanity is interconnected by the soul.
Love is a gift delivered via the spirit from the maker.

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I was thinking about Zuperman
Asking myself if He’s a real Human
A man w/o fear that every woman admires
I’m wondering really How He flies….?

I’m hoping that someday I will Find him
But that little hope changed while I am growing
I met a lot of strong men such as Batman and Robin
Those men who broke my innocent heart & gave me so much pain

I cried before I cried now, I cried a lot of times
Wishing every moment that Zuperman would come
Hugging me gently & lifting me up to the sky
That was my daily dream when I was still young

Until unexpectedly you came into my life
Taught me to smile again & helped me to laugh
Someone whom I can say the word “Strong, Brave, & Tough
Just like Zuperman who is flexible enough

I’m just glad & happy for being your Friend
Wishing I can bring our Friendship till the end
Thank you for coloring my world again
Hope you won’t change but remain FOREVER

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Murkhamantri, A Fool Minister

What will he do rather than joking, mocking and laughing,
Puffing and pumping,
Inflating and deflating the tire,
Criticizing the educated,
Saying what he has become
That the city-bred and the educated cannot,
What is it in education?

As an Indian hanuman, he will grin if something pinches him,
He may get teased,
The black-mouth frightening
And the golden white-haired body,
A chimpanzee,
May slap or bite,
The clever and agile animal,
Never believable,
May snatch the things from your hands
If anything eatable.

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A Fake Indian Sadhu

An Indian sadhu with a girl
Sitting in his ashrama
And smoking in ganja.

A pseudo-renouncer with a disciple
Sitting in his spiritual hutment not,
But smoking in ganja.

A black sheep
Under the guise of a saintly robe,
Doing the Ram-nama dhuna.

Lost in the rhythm of Ram-name outwardly,
But smoking in marijuana from a earthen pipe
With fire and the leaf pieces over the embers.

The fled girl, enticed devotee sitting in,
The innocent girl hypnotized,
Shown the dreams of bliss and perfection.

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Sam Tries Lamb

One day there was a boy named Sam,
His favorite food of all was soft, juicy ham.

It was not the ham that you buy at the store.
Oh no, his hot ham was much more.

Sam would eat ham on a frozen ice cream cone,
Sam would eat ham on a rotting old bone.

Sam would eat ham that was grilled,
Sam would even eat ham that was chilled.
A new ham store opened across the street.
Sam ran so fast that he had aching feet.

Sam was sad that his ham cost him a dime.
Now Sam could not eat ham all the time.

One of Sam’s friends was a girl named Pam.
Pam’s favorite food was lamb, not ham.

Pam told Sam to try some lamb,
“I will try some lamb,” answered Sam.

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The Examination

I walked into the exam hall and sat down
Though I was anxious I did wear no frown
I fought hard to put on a confident look
But like a frightened old woman’s, my body shook

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Hatching Eggs (Acrostic)

Hens sit clucking, awaiting
Arrival of their precious chicks
Their bedding soft, their owners
Caring; readying for chicks to
Hatch one by one, then
Incubating the fluff balls
Not allowing them to freeze
Growing slowly every day

Eggs are born from hens
Gracious little fluffy babes..
Gus carefully collects the chicks:
Sir, that’s not a hen!

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An ode To Consumerism

You know you’re one who likes to follow
So fine that’s great words hard to swallow
Live today forget tomorrow
I don’t care I’m leaving hallow

Fuck this world so deep yet shallow
I wont ever need to borrow
A different perspective
For something so simple to see
How fucked up this world can really be

I already know and I already care
I’ve already lost my mind going there
So why can’t I be numb, dumb, and plain
Why must I feel all the suffering and pain
I can’t ignore it because its starring me down
Pushing me, sweeping me, tearing me down
Asking how will you save me how will you save yourself?

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Satellites are we revolving in our own space
Time and again in our life we revolve to face
People in our world thinking wrong and right
Knowing all as they do without a clear sight
Distantly in mindset from our own atmosphere
Sending messages of us all and not even here
Orbiting elsewhere they’re travelling in the dark
Communication said truly well out of the ballpark
Who propelled them up for exploration of our life?
No platform of evidence will lead dearly to strife
Twisting words in stories as they boldly decree
Eventually passing on to end up as life’s debris
As we all revolve and one says, “What about …”
Please say learned truth and avoid such doubt
I’m simply one satellite of unique chromosomes
Recognise our difference and each to our homes

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