Life is a bitch and the whole world is fucking selfish.
A poor girl whose biological parents rejected,
As an infant in an orphanage gets adopted
she grew up to become Nicole Richie
Daughter of the rich and famous Lionel Richie
So, i asked myself again
Is life a bitch or human beings are selfish?
Cos if her biological parents find out,with all her riches
And try to establish contact, claiming to love her, then they are the bitches.
As a Richie, she has never had to struggle
Maybe that’s why she’s made it a career to fumble
As a star, her life is to some, a hustle
So they sell the news of her deeds, good and bad to the people
If she thinks life is a bitch,
& Instead of being humble, blames the people,
That in my world is selfish,
Cos she must have forgotten her past.

Life is a bitch and the whole world is fucking selfish.
If life is a bitch, her mama must have been a whore
And death must have been a virgin,now which do you want more?
Definitely not death or you’ll be a liar
This is why i cherish life, because i cant afford it if ’twas for hire.
The worst kind of denial, is self denial
The worst kind of existence is not knowing the essence
A lot of us use ”Life is a bitch” as being proverbial
We claim to believe in God, yet act differential.
So how dare you cry out to him when in trouble, yet call his creation a bitch?
That in my world is selfish.

Remember you once said life is a bitch,
I know i always say the whole world is fucking selfish.
I don’t know if I’m right and If you are wrong,
But i Know that rather than pass judgment at life, we can keep going strong.
You might not always have it your way or have the love of the girl you want,
You might not have a job or be as rich as you want
If you look around, I’m sure you’ll find a reason to be Calm
And accept life, even with its ups and downs
If not for any other reason, for the life itself
If life is a bitch, it is a real bitch when you die, because by then, it would be fucking someone else.

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