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World Of Hearts

Teaching is a work of heart,
but you make it a work of art
by the way that you play your part..

Even if a child is lost,
you gently show the right path
and every bridge they cross,
you’re there to guide them across..

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Lost in the Cruel World

I am lost in the jungle of wilderness
Who knew Mom would leave in such a short notice
Life is now of no ease
People and not beasts pounce on you with their claws

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The Lost Quiet

A war between peace and quiet
I will give you a piece of my mind
But only when my mind finds peace
And my heart grows quiet
Quiet and still, the calm before the storm…almost

Sturm und drang strategies
In a game that’s not for fun
Too irrational to be chess
But you can still count the cards
So you’re not completely lost yet

Lost is a most peculiar concept
Because the homeless can’t be lost
They’ve already lost everything material
Home is where the heart is says the materialists
As they sew stars onto the flag

A blood sport some may say
Where the blind spectators are blindfolded
Awakened by the smell of red
The winner bleeding blue

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Graveyard Shift

Goodnight world,
your early busyness bombards this semi-sleep walk
to the bedpost as I draw heavy curtains
to black out the scorching sunrise.
An orchestra of trafficked horns chirp me a lullaby

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The World of the Enlightened

Welcome to the 21st century
Where a lot of things bling like mercury
Marriage no longer requires dowry
The boys just insert the babies for the girls to carry
Lot of people are in so much hurry
They don’t want to suffer, they just want to make merry

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The Open Air Prison (Gaza)

A land which has been forgotten
Regularly bombarded for nothing
Your people are in constant suffering
Sickness, disease, poverty amongst other things
An endless fall in your standard of living
No electricity nor water for you and your siblings
Your children cry while the enemy is smiling
Your people are hijacked and locked in enemy prisons
Constant aggression for no tangible reasons
No peace for you no matter the season
Quite traumatizing with the enemy agenda hidden

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Shadow of war

He’s a lover and worshipper of war.
He commanded those
Who’re marching forward
And killing thousand innocent lives,
And wipe out living deeds.

He approved war.
The ones raping women,
The others killing innocent children.
Some who are offering the river of blood,
Others who are tired with the pong of dead.

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For the whole of our life,
We struggle to find what’s right
For the whole of our life,
We search for our dreams

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The Nanny

Sitting close to her baby in an ocean of love
with love to her duty and all care for her baby,
she is a nanny, a profesional in babysitting.
Every day, her duty breed her joy,nothing else matters

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Sachin Tendulkar

He played stylish and entertaining cricket
And knew well how to protect his wicket.
He gave due credit to each ball
And knew when to take a call.
For him aggressive batting was an exhibition
And difficult tracks an examination.
He had exquisite timings and reflux action.
No matter who the bowler or how the bowling action.
A person who breathed cricket and discussed tactics
It is doubtful if anyone can surpass his statistics.
This legend is a living encyclopedia.
His name will be repeated by the sports media.
A journey of this wonderful person which lasted for 24 year
Was bid adieu by him and his fans in tears.

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