Lord Of The Universe

He is the lord of the universe Muhammed (sav)
He is the head of the prophets
When you pray from the heart
He resolves all of the sins

God elaborated on him while creating
He liked him and called him beloved
All of the flowers on the Earth
Are the sweats of Mustafa

When Gabriel made an invitation
To Muhammed (sav) for ascension
What he wished for during his ascension
Is the welfare of his community

When you become a believer to him
You won’t be deprived of anything
You will see whoever becoming a believer
Will be placed in the eight heavens

Whoever is loyal to his advice
And goes on his religious duties
No matter to say, will be in consequence
Onward in his account in the after-life

The guilty, the innocence and the sinner
All hope for his intercession
The ones who are burned in the hell
Are the ones who reject him on the Earth

Yunus Emre said those words
Deeply inside from his heart
Poor Yunus is the one who says
It is secret of my Emre worshipping

Yunus Emre
(Selected Poems of the Divan of)
Translated: Havva Aslan

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