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Life was a funfair, it was hilarious,
I never knew it was outrageous,
Each day I wake to see the light of a new day,
Am always delighted for it’s always a free day,
You don’t value what you have; this had not being my case,
Falling in the hands of a caring father, you know that’s worth praise,
Slumber had never drove me off until I felt the warmth of your body,
Memories of you make me feel healthy,
When I saw you no more, I thought it was for the main time,
Until I realized; it wasn’t a mere dime,
No one is able to replace you, since I made you my prime,
Am so sad for you never wished me a ‘goodbye’,
You taught me a lesson that I couldn’t buy,
I was surprise when your love ones couldn’t drop by,
While the grateful ones kept you in their treasure box for ever,
Loosing you makes me bewail, thought of loosing you then made me scream ‘never’,
Someday I understood life is not a place to live forever,
Ever since then, your dignity has being my pride,
Your integrity has being my ride,
Your hospitality has been my tide,
Your name has been what the neighborhood hail,
If I knew the story will end this way, I would make a cinema of your life style,
And show the community of fatherhood, a true definition of a father.

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Father disappeared home years ago
Leaving us behind.
Non knew his whereabouts
Since he was a cross-border businessman
And his phone was off.
As a family we felt incomplete,
Lacking father’s presence.

To keep my family alive,
I joined a gang of robbers
That had been luckily escaping.
One day during a rob,
We were handcuffed red-handed.

Like sacks we were thrown
Into the military truck.
It was a sad moment for my family and I.
On arrival at the police station,
We had to strip as per the commands,
Given some old ill-fitting
And stained uniform to wear.
We scratched ourselves like hens.

In a dark poorly ventilated room we were locked,
We found other people already in,
All of different body sizes
Not able to notice the other
Due to the same uniform.

Interaction took place
Among us inmates
Years passing by
Like a rolling carpet
I got to know that
My long-lost dad was also in!
What an episode it was!

It took painstaking research
To prove that he was my real dad.
We embraced each other
After about ten-year separation.
The long hunt was now over,
Back with my dad,
I allowed myself to smile and enjoy
More of his presence.

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Such Love

I know you have your fears, shared tears of your own
But what if I told you, you touched my heart and my soul
Would you believe through my nightmares you became the sweetest dream?
And of all my dreams you became my sweetest reality

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Remembering Papelu Always

It has been more than a year
We have lost our Papelu dear
She you know
i told you before
was our beautiful cat
we would enjoy when she played with a rat

She loved to be noticed always
our time passed well
we had no worries to chase
coz Papelu did that job without any fail.

She loved to admire herself in the mirror
I laughed loud, neighbors could hear
My neighbors would come to pat her
and lovingly stroked her silky fur
Papelu would enjoy
At times become coy
At time angry
to let herself free.

I smile and cherish those days
my cheeks burn and find no ways
to trace her out
and give her a good shout

why did you leave Papelu?
We feel so blue
with a life without you.

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Illiterate nonsense

In the shadows of your mind
I remain in this numb paralysis
Watching in tearful desolation
The words are not spoken
They never have been

Do you know? I wonder
Of my pain in silence
I cannot write with dexterity
Merely an experimental outburst
Of emotion spiralling through emptiness

Ideas are sketched in abandonment
I fear that you should know
That you should make sense
Of this illerate nonsense
Your disgust frightens me

But the uncertainty is slowly
And irrevocably killing me
Pain is etched in the fractured verses
I don’t even know what I’m saying
I just want an end to this suffering

I don’t deserve the goodness recieved
A beautiful family
A life with luxuries
A life with ease
I don’t deserve you

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It’s still you

Why do I always think of the past, when everything seems to be lost.

Oh, baby if you give me another chance, I promise to change the ending.
Right from the time I saw you, I fell in love , the way you looked at me with your pretty eyes,

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My Dream

The night had dropped, my eyes closed,
Bed sheets on head, body dosed,
Suddenly I awoke in a dreary world,
My mother besides me, my dream unfurled,

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The Lost Friend

I wonder where you are
I wonder where you live
I wonder how you are
And I wonder how are you leading your life.

We were together for about a decade
Now we are separated by Fate
But I still remember about you
Spending time with me and enjoying yourself

Our love for each other has lost
In fact, it has faded in the pure air
I wish we could find our lost friendship
And build it again with new thoughts.

Fate has made us alone
Without the company of each other
We are spending our days alone
Without the love and help of each other.

Let’s try to rebuild our friendship with iron
So that it does not break again during the course of life
Let’s rebuild our love with gold
So that it shines and does not get faded in the air.

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One Starry Night

One starry night
I had been burning my father,
Who was alive till yesterday
But the day after
I had been readying to burn him.

The river banks had been lonely and dark,
The alleys narrow
Crossing the barren lands
Reached we the dry river bed
Of the highland river.

Making him sit, giving support to his body,
From an earthen pitcher bathed we,
New clothes were worn
Or rounded off

And the body was placed over the pyre
Consisting of neem and mango branches
And the dry logs
And the fire was lit.

Hari bols started doing the rounds
In that desoalte loneliness,
Away from human haunt and habitation,
the hamlets and thorps littered far
And that too at a great distance.

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Promise Need to be Broken

I believed to what he said
and blushed to copper red
then laid on my bed
life seemed a midsummer night’s dream

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