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Best Love Poems. Poems about Love.

Rude Dude

I know a person, who is sweet
Like still water that runs deep…
Sometimes happy mostly rude
Who loves to fight in any mood!

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Thank You for Your Love

Living lonely with no one but myself
That’s what I’ve been through in 23 years I dwelt
I used to play “I don’t care” to the couples around
Because I don’t want to feel envious even though it feels numb
Their laughter annoys me, there cuddles I so hate

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You Complete Me

Look’s never matter
I have you in my life, for the latter
Baby…., you complete me
inside me, it’s you who i see

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Woman Your Body Is The Earth

Woman, your plush flesh
temple body is the earth,
clothed with every herb
and fruit that is good to eat,
so well deserved,
marvelously built superb,
like Solomon’s greatest temple.

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Ever More

You’ve got this heart floating,
like a cloud over the ocean’s horizon,
your very presence is a prison
for my spirit, oh love.

Oh, love, this is ever more,
even more than just physical attraction,
you’ve got my every complete attention,
without doubt, fear or hesitation.

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Her Charm

I try to act tough, but your charm softens my heart
Is it fair to be so beautiful and at the same time so smart?
Your smile brings light to my darkest day
Your charm captures me in each and every way

The feel of your lips, keeps me calm
What else can I say about your charm?
Laughter and Joy are just a few,
Of the words present when I am with you

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How Beautiful You Are

Oh how beautiful you are,
so beautiful by far,
your beauty is within,
natural beauty lies within

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My Dream

We may have our difference at times cause that’s
the way it seems
But no matter what to me the world you will
always mean
I want nothing more in this world thought cause being
with you alone am living my dream
Your the love of my life
when your in my arms i feel like the world alone
i would sacrifice

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First love… First crush

First crush makes you blush
First love freezes your world
We all have an adrenalin rush
Blood and body cold…!!!

Both of this is a mystery
One leads,other follows
It’s first fun
then just a black sun

A world within a world
where it’s only you two
Nobody else;
So just be you

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To awaken in the morning
after another relationship
was lost at the fall
and each failing of fealty

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