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Boyfriend Poems. Poem about boyfriends. Love poems for your boyfriend.

Rude Dude

I know a person, who is sweet
Like still water that runs deep…
Sometimes happy mostly rude
Who loves to fight in any mood!

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Thank You for Your Love

Living lonely with no one but myself
That’s what I’ve been through in 23 years I dwelt
I used to play “I don’t care” to the couples around
Because I don’t want to feel envious even though it feels numb
Their laughter annoys me, there cuddles I so hate

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Honey I Love You

I wait and wait for that moment
And as the months slip by
I know that it will be very soon
That moment when I’ll have to say
I love you honey, I have always loved you

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All About You

Every time I look into your eyes,
You make me forget all lies.

Your color is as rich as gold
Which is priceless to be sold.

Your skin is as smooth as silk
And your teeth posses the color of milk.

Your amazingly capturing smile…
It makes my adrenaline pile.

The skin near your eyes wink
When you laugh ,making me sink.

The cheek on your left
Has a dimple of a theft.

Your lips curve out so elegantly
Making that dimple secretly.

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