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Boyfriend Poems. Poem about boyfriends. Love poems for your boyfriend.

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Honey I Love You

My love, I spend days thinking about you
Many hours wondering if you are okay
Every minute praying for you
Every second longing to see you
To hear your voice again
To laugh at your jokes
To share my joy and pain with you
To hear you reprimand me
Honey, I long for you.

I no longer count the days
But week after week
I wait impatiently for your mail
And whenever I get your mail
My heart leaps with joy
I eagerly read the letter
Its soothing just to read it
What you have to say
I smile as I jot down the reply
Hoping against all hope that
You will be eagerly waiting for it.

I wait and wait for that moment
And as the months slip by
I know that it will be very soon
That moment when I’ll have to say
I love you honey, I have always loved you
And now that I accept to be yours
Let us walk this path together
To beat all odds that may arise
I wait for that moment when I will hug you
Kiss your lips and you caress my body
Hold me tight and whisper to my ears
That moment when I will look into your eyes
And see my reflection in them
Then with no doubt, I will promise that
I will always love you.

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All About You

Every time I look into your eyes,
You make me forget all lies.

Your color is as rich as gold
Which is priceless to be sold.

Your skin is as smooth as silk
And your teeth posses the color of milk.

Your amazingly capturing smile…
It makes my adrenaline pile.

The skin near your eyes wink
When you laugh ,making me sink.

The cheek on your left
Has a dimple of a theft.

Your lips curve out so elegantly
Making that dimple secretly.

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You Are

Babe you are
Your love
Out speaks
Everything youve made

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Thank You for Your Love

Living lonely with no one but myself
That’s what I’ve been through in 23 years I dwelt
I used to play “I don’t care” to the couples around
Because I don’t want to feel envious even though it feels numb

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Love To Be Around You

When I see you’re walking
The wind blows
When I see you’re laughing
The sunshines so glow
And unconsciously I whisper…

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With every Moment

By the time I caught my breath, I was utterly consumed. We hadn’t spoken a word all night, because the goose bumps that danced across my skin with the sense of his touch and the taste of his lips said everything.

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Fictitious Figment

Your dreamy bold curious unstable querist eyes
Juicy lips mounted with sober plausible sexy ties,
Though silent yet propulsive pensive piercing voice;
Curly hair, bare shoulder possessing fervid demise

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Lost Without You

Walk your fingers across my skin,
Wash away all my sin.
Fill the gaping void inside,
That’s hidden behind my pride.
My soul is yours steal,
Only you make me real.

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In the heart a melodious cry of lamentation leaves on in a shattered heart.
The memories of a new life found in another, flows through my eyes and tortures my mind.

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Love’s Philosophy

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix for ever
With a sweet emotion;

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