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Tear Drop

As the rain drops in the roof
tears of my heart is the proof
Missing you always is a kind
trouble and depressions of my mind
every minute every hour of my life
thinking you always as you knew
my love for you,i can fight
as I feel your hug and
to hold me tight.
I know this love is not a lie
to let you go is the hardest line.
How can I say, i hope you will be mine
cannot runs out your name in my mind.

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Only A Beer

and tonight; i’m sittingin my room, dark and silent, as usual,
drinking beer, only a beer and thinking that
how the hell am i supposed to stop
stop falling for you,
stop being in love with you.
the answer is missing.
and i am not a selfish man,
cause i have my reasons,
i can love you just for those beautiful eyes.
but i love you for who you are, and for your everything,
like an innocent boy,
cause i know i haven’t been a man lately,
and i don’t know if i’m gonna be.

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Its Been a While

The sweetness of a crecendo splatters back
like brilliant stars making a canvas of my soul only you can touch
and I’ll gladly fall back, eyes fluttering to the beat
your fingers create on my chest –
Clumsy on the cumulus you hum from lips
I cling to, I’ll drum up the courage to speak in just as light a hymn
as your heart could respond to. But will you?
You’re notes drag on so high and I squeak up a close second
like wreckage in your orbit. We could do a spin off duet
as Venus paints the red of war dawning between our wants
we shy away from; the greyness raining down your arms
as they slip behind your back with goodbye chirping
up your throat. Even that sounds lark-like
and i can’t free fall though the letters forming words
in your sky-colored eyes any longer. My hands jet out

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You A Coholic

I withheld it for quite awhile.
From all but me, I did hide.

A confession that had me into thunders,
Its addiction, even when slow, gave me wonders.

All aphrodisiacs have the same affliction …
Savoring sniff; Hershey’s kisses or be it concoction.

My addiction has never been any of these …

It was, it is – and will ONLY be ‘YOU’,
Be it yesterday, today – and tomorrow, too.

Up awake; in sleep – or even when gargling,
“Your darling” desire only you, “MY darling.”

I hear your lilt with ears plugged.
Could see your glower with eyes shut.

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My Love For You

I am stronger than yesterday
A sun that shines in the night
Now that a smile melts a rock
My fears heading north
No more wil I say
The lonely hill cries.
Kissing you is this feeling
A creation that bends wonders
If I die tomorrow this time
It will be the strength of my love for you.

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