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Mothers Day Poems. Poems for Mothers Day. Happy Mother's Day Poems. Mother's Day Poems from Daughter, Husband, Son and Kids.

Darling, My World is Beautiful

Darling, my world is beautiful
because you are in it.
The best experiences I have enjoyed
because of you.

Our children. The fun times
we have all shared.
The painful times that have led
to me becoming a better person.

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I’m yours to own…..

I was fallen down, and I shouted in pain,
I looked behind, same voices again,
I closed my ears, but they were all around,
Tears from my eyes, I was a bit astound,
Then I saw a hope in that heartless crowd,
Sweet melodious sound, in so much loud,
I waved my hand, and in rejoice I mourn,
Hey please take me home, I’m your’s to own…..!!

Yes, I did mistakes and I never learned,
I couldn’t walk, my ways were burned,
I didn’t care, I didn’t even try,
Sitting alone in home, I know you always cry,
Blindly I trusted them, followed them, it’s true,
Now everyone’s gone, no-one’s left, just you,
Don’t leave me like this, I’m afraid of unknown,
Please take me with you, as I’m your’s to own……!!

I’m petrified, I see peculiar things and places,
I’m tired, running away from unknown faces,
I can’t take it anymore, I’m so weary,
Poignant is my heart, look I’m so teary,
I heard them laughing mom, see how I lie,
Look I smiled again, but inside I die,
I did wrong things, but am I just a garbage to be thrown?
Please help me rise again mom, as I’m your’s to own…….!!

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My mother, my mother
The wife of my father
The daughter of my grand mum
You’re indeed a great woman
My mother, my mother.

I do remember how you looked after me
You fed me with your breast mother
So did you cloth me
My mother, my mother.

I’ll never forget you mother
When I was sick, when I was ill
You cried out your eye mother
My mother, my mother.

You’re the one who gave birth to me
A sleepless night you always had
My mother, you’re so kind
My mother, my mother.

I’ll pay for the breast you gave me
This I’ll do by looking after you
Mother I’ll take care of you
My mother, my mother.

A God fearing woman you’re
Mama you’re indeed a great woman
May God be with you mama
My mother, my mother.

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I Am Your Mother

Forsake me not my child
For I know your beginning
Do not deceive me
Cause I was born before you
I see the truth in your eyes
Do not lie to me

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It’s Mothers Day

All through the nine months
In their mud ovens we lay
Like new mowed hay
Under a merciless ray
We turn, we jump, and kick
Their abdomen to play
Not having the gut to tell

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