My daughter’s 18th birthday

I remember feeling your tiny foot pushing my stomach
Outward; reminding me you were inside
At last came the day you were born as I recall
How you looked up at me with
Those big and beautiful eyes

You were absolutely perfect
Never did I long for another
My love reserved only for you so that you
Wouldn’t have to share it
With a sister or a brother

All our friends and family none of them
Stood a chance.
Never had they held you;
All it took was just one glance
From the day you were born you have been
Surrounded with so much love
Once they all did meet you
You were all they could ever speak of
On this special momentous day;Your 18th birthday,
I want you to know
Just what you mean to me
A beautiful young woman who I know
Will achieve all that she desires to be

It’s your turn now to take on the world
May your journey be filled with happiness
And the least amount of strife
Of all my choices I made and know that I did right
Was the day I became Your Mom–the day you came into my life

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