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Nature Poems. Best Poems about Nature. Nature Poems about the Ocean, Snow, Summer, Winter and Animals.

Standing Tall …

Standing tall and looking proud,
aloof, but not pretentious,
invariably they draw a crowd,
but never act contentious.

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Learning From a Rose…

Humans should learn living from a rose
It gives happiness to all until plucked by a gross…

Smiling at everyone, It stays nice and calm
only for a bad intentioned does it do harm

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What Snowmen Do at Night

Nobody sees, but I happen to know,
That at midnight when the north winds blow,
Snowmen get restless and start to cough,
A signal meaning, “It’s time to be off!”

I watch them as they collect the others,
Wives and children, sisters and brothers,
Teenage snow folks and grandparents, too,
Strolling up and down each avenue.

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Beautiful Rain

Let the beautiful rain fall
as the firmament dividing heavens water
feed this beautiful garden we call mother Earth,
feeding grass, herbs and trees,

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Autumn’s Treat

The earth on its axis spins around
The rains incessant stops pouring on the ground
The sun shoots out in rays bright
The clouds in blue deep trail in patches white;

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A Leaf Of Grass and Saffron

When I want to run away from the endless darkness,
I always come back to the green valley:
The valley of my childhood!
In wonder, I stepped closer,
to see what is glowing near the tallest leaf of grass.

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What is Summer About

Summer is about having fun under the sun
Lets go for a swim it’s better than the gym
Swimming will make you strong
Do you think you can swim with me in the sea all day long I think this is where I belong

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The Rain Drops

The little drops of rain
When they fell on thirsty land
Endows it with the golden grains;
The essences of cloud
Forms corona of mist
And makes nature to cherish loud;

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The Fearful Winter

The fearful winter have arrive
and it is very difficult to survive.
Days are short and nights are long
so birds cannot sing their beautiful songs.

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Spring Splendor

Rain’s aftermath has brightened the scenery
The landscape looks picturesque, serene
Beauty and growth are seen
Flowers are blooming, the grass is green
Leaves begin to appear on trees
Sowing of seeds will start soon in the fields
Spring is here, in all its splendor

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