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Time Remaining to Complete Poetry Contest: 27 Days, 21 Hours, 2 Minutes, 17 Seconds

Poetry Contest (Candidate Pre-Selection)

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* Warning: Fake votes will be deleted.

* Poetry contest has two parts which consist of candidate preselection and final part. The first 25 days leads to candidate preselection and from 26th of the month till the end of the month leads to final part. In candidate preselection everybody can vote for the poem. At the end of the candidate preselection first 10 poems go on to the finals.
* In final the juries and editors can vote for. Juries can take part in the contest on the contrary editors can't.
* The poetry contest begins again each month.
* The people who sent any poem are counted as a competitor.
* If you want to participate in the contest this month, your poem should have been published this or previous month
* Voting made in previous months does not affect the contest of new month.
* The contest score is calculated on poem that get the most votes. Your poem voted ten times minimum will be included in the contest score. Besides, some other criteria are applied.

* The number of votes or points in the contest page might be different from the number of votes or points in other pages.The points or votes In the contest page represents the relevant month but in other pages you can see the points of the whole period. Moreover suspicious votes can not be take into account and tricky votes are deleted and that's why the results in the contest part and other parts are different from each other.

- Winner: $50
- 2nd Place: $25
- 3nd Place: $25
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