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Sad Poems. Poems about Sadness. Best Sad Love Poems for Him and Her.

The Root of Hate

Hate and love are two very different things,
yet look at today’s music, don’t they all sing?
Both emotions need to be heard,
Both cannot be described in simple words.

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My Friend’s Life Was Ended by Cancer

One of my dearest friend was suffering from cancer,
Cheers of his family vanished by this disease fear.
For his treatment maximum money was spent in a year,
Doctor returned him from hospital as death was sure.

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My Heart Doesn’t Know This Defeat;
But It’s There Alright
It’s Here, Demanding To Be Felt;
A Hurt Of Which I Hadn’t Dealt

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Small Hurts

Dedications of ballads in my name
Make me feel so loved and so great
But I should have felt more honored
To had your trust at the cross-roads you faced

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My Dorian Gray

Wanna rip your disgraceful heart out
Wanna make you bleed black and yell
Our eyes won’t meet in a crowd
No lies, no excuses to tell
Self-indulged in your lust and power
Oh prince charming, I’m not your prey

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Letter to Dad

I stood by the window, watching as you were leaving
I stood there frozen, the clock ticking
Ticking away the time we spent together
Ticking away those days we said forever

That day we said forever
That day was December
I remember mom telling me that you had cancer
That you were dying
That the doctors didn’t have an answer

I remember your bald head
Your smooth bald head
I remember all those wires connected to your skin
Blue, yellow, red, and green

I remember as you held my hand
Telling me that you loved me
And little me crying, screaming…”please don’t go to heaven”
That day I had just turned seven

Daddy and daughter against the world
You left earth after saying a mediocre “I love you”
I shook your body without a clue
I simply thought we were playing peek-a-boo

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Bite me, bleed me, let my blood flow
I’m not scared of ribbons, you know.
Leave me in pieces and smile when you do,
‘Cuz we both know it’s nothing to you.

Bloody and broken, you’ll leave me alone.
Not for the first time, I’ll die on my own.
Go then, away, to that place I can’t go
While I muster the strength to keep up the show.

So bite me, bleed me, and let my blood flow.
I’m still not scared of ribbons, you know.
You’ve left me in pieces and looking the fool
For having believed I could’ve had you.

You played the part well and said all the right lines,
I watched you smile at the pain that was mine.
I trusted, believed, and bought what you sold.
I ignored the Truth even when I was told

That you’d bite me and bleed me and let my blood flow
Reduce me to nothing but ribbons and cold.
I broke into pieces, I felt my soul shatter
While you walked away like I never did matter.

Now that I’m left this cold and this empty,
Unable to cry out for someone to save me,
You’ll come back again to the scene of your crime
To survey the carnage and wreckage that’s mine.

So don’t bite me, don’t bleed me, don’t speak to my heart.
I’m nothing but ribbons, I’ve fallen apart.
The pieces of me, still there on the floor
Don’t matter to me like they used to before.

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Catch me my friends for I am Cocaine,
created by nature to continue my game.
Readily available, I am found in a plant,
from beginning to end I will never depart.
I am here for the duration, with no intention to leave,
and now I’m discovered, I will chase to deceive.
You can take me or leave me it’s entirely up to you,
but once you have tasted, I’ve no need to persue.
You can snort me or smoke me, or even inject,
whatever your choice I’ve no cause to object.
Once in your body you will ask yourself how ?
you’ve survived in this world, without me till now.
The feelings I bring you are confidence and strength,
and now you have tried me, you’ll just want to party.
So now let me warn you, that it’s not all fun and games,
I’ve gave you your fun now there’s a price to be paid.

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That Day

Your words hit me like a whip and cut me like a knife
I felt as though I was loosing my life
You slammed my head against the wall
My blood splattered as my face kissed the ground as I fall

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The human brain works in many different ways
It makes us work and function in all of our days
Each of us is different in thinking and processing
Which makes it possible to think without knowing

‘Ignorance is a bliss,’ most people today say
But most for us, the quote is mysterious per se
Knowing without doing, realizing blindly
Dragging people down, and you think it’s funny

Funny? Are you kidding me? Of course, it’s not
That is actually dirtier than an ink blot
I wonder how you’ll feel when it happens to you
It hurts, right? But whatever you say, it’s the truth

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