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Most Beautiful Short Poems.

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Soul Mate

I have wished to meet someone different
Someone I can talk to for hours and never get bored
Someone who will never judge me when I tell him things
I have finally found that person in you

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The Faceless Stalker

You can run and you can hide;
from the shadows that do follow.
You can carry a sharp knife;
but, you will remain that hollow.

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My Wagon

I love my wagon car so dear
It has newly just arrived
It has four doors and back gate rear
For this car I have strived.

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My Pains

There are no exact words to explain
How all this time all you give me is pain
You never hurt me with goodbyes
But each time you say I love u it hurts me twice

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Love A Fountain And Shrine- A poem for Edgar Allen Poe

It was only when love was a fountain and shrine,
That I discerned with eyes of adoration when sky was not sky, but loves’ true mooring place,
When our love was a fountain of purity, and a shrine of
sincerest prayers,
It was then when love was deepest, when you called and
I followed,
And I did follow you with footsteps that simpered,

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Peace Within

Hatred born of fears
False hope followed by tears
Happiness always near
Changing year by year

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I Thought It Was You

Mister, be a dear,
and shrug off your clothing once more;
the itchy fabric ruins the caramelized skin.
I tugged at its frayed edges in hope of exposure,
but it knotted itself snugly at your hip,
where my fingers dare not dip under.

Such sweet eyes – avert them.
Their earthy depths make me want
to lumber up those limbs
and pick freckles from their irises
creating a bouquet of muddied words
and gestures. How do you stand so tall

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In the silvery moonlight.

In the silvery moonlight
air is breezy
a picturesque serene scene
presenting a charming indulgence.

In the silvery moonlight,
I seemed to read a great poet’s piece
it describes a romantic picture
I was mesmerized.

In the silvery moonlight
sea rocks reflect its shines
I recalled a fine calligraphist
his writings resembled the rocks
firmly standing on its own territory.

In the silvery moonlight
a sailboat quietly sits on water
the only floating object
draws out a tranquil, intimate ambiance.

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Afraid not to God

Longing for ‘what not’ he got,
Not recognizing what he gets,
People’s mentality!

Afraid not to God,
But beware of politicians,
More of a criminal mind!

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That time of the year

Online shopping,your basket is full
Christmas presents supplied for all
Turkeys ordered along with the veg
Chocolates and wines and beer in a keg…

Parcels delivered and presents to wrap
Christmas cards written upon my lap
A selection of crackers with colourful ties
and a festive aroma whilst baking mince pies…

That time of the year when we all come together
Travel from far no matter what weather
Have fun and be merry,no family rifts
As we all gather round to exchange our gifts…

Our thoughts for the departed and people we miss
We all raise a glass to commemorate this
My Christmas wishes to all are sincere
I hope you enjoy… That time of the year…

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