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Most Beautiful Spiritual Poems. Spiritual Poems about Death and Mourning

God’s Love

As I look upon the heavens
I see the light that shines through the clouds
The rays reflect the warmth of the angels
That look upon the earth
A dove flies gently gliding through the breeze.

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So Faithful A Friend I Have

So faithful a friend I have
Who for me His life gave
When other friends desert me
He’ll forever true be
Onto His garment I’ll cling
When tribulations spring
Though hills and mountains arise
He’ll take me by surprise

Him alone I trust to save
When the storms of life rave
He is my deliverer
My precious Redeemer
He always stands by my side
The One who for me died
I’m glad to have such a friend
Who endures to the end

When my ignorant feet stray
He helps me find my way
When my eyes cannot find light
He does restore my sight
Though my loyalty doesn’t last
His love’s ever steadfast
He bears me up with His hand
The Rock on which I stand

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Great God

Like the wavering sound of the ocean
Is the awesome might of your name
Like the mighty rock in the valley
Is the great God and a daddy
The lord strong and mighty
The lord mighty in battle

From everlasting unto eternity
Your name at the begining is everlasting
A name so great!
What a name?
That at the mention of the name every knee shall bow
That at the mention of the name every tongue shall declare you lord

Jesus! the name above every other name
Jesus! the name that breaks all the chains
The strangers shall fade away and be afraid of their hiding place
At the mention of that name

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First Star

First star I sight
after the sun sets,
wish upon you, Northern star,
oh how I feel so blessed,
please fulfill all these dreams and goals
our Lord God Jah set in me…

Permit I an I
ripe full life, feed me serenity,
faithfully and peacefully,
let joy inside mine heart
let love be pure, sure and free,
create light and righteous thoughts
to the mind of all humanity…

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Wounded Spirit

Oh how does the wind blows through the trees so freely
Wilt thou touch the blossoms of life
And Cast thy shadow upon thee
Nay I fear thy presence doth fade away
And ne’er to be thy princess.

Oh how the darkness covers thine eyes
To see no more
What then is life if thy spirit is taken from thee
Shall I be withdrawn from they heart
And cast down to eternity.

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Superstition Is..

Superstition is just a belief
in the supernatural ,
both mythical and factual,
physical actions with
a spiritual concoction,
like before they made man
with the very dust we step on,
breathing every breath of life
we so definitely depend on..

Like a superman
descending in disguise,
to defend and save mankind,
or a christ-like man child
born of a virgin bride,
or that half-angel roman warrior guy,
riding chariot style
with a sword on his sides..

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Afraid not to God

Longing for ‘what not’ he got,
Not recognizing what he gets,
People’s mentality!

Afraid not to God,
But beware of politicians,
More of a criminal mind!

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In the past my head used to fill with wonder,
I got this feeling that love… love really doesn’t matter,
Perhaps we use it just to flatter,
or maybe we use it spice up the chatter.

But this was before i met you,
Came into my life when i was reckless,
never believed in anything i was faithless,
yet you took me just as i am and showed me something new,
showed me that there are more valuable things than my golden necklace,
and yes… i believe you because your word is so true.

Mark 12:31 you said love your friend as you love yourself,
we are all equal in your eyes its not just myself,
taught me that we are all brothers,
whether Malawian, Brazillians or Chileans.
You are my father yes… but at the same time you are a father of millions.

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When Hard Times Come

There are times Lord,
When I just want you to take the pain away,
Take it away for all life time,
Take it away today.
And even the times Lord,
When I carry these great burdens of stress,
I’m weakened in my physical body Lord,
But I pray because I know you can do all the rest.
And even though I knew all these things,
Sometimes I saw myself losing faith,
Though every time I was in need of something or you,
You were always there to fill my plate.
For then I would find myself,
Regaining what I thought I had lost,
For in Jesus I must always put my trust.

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Come And Defend Us

Thou St. Michael the Archangel
The living angel of God
Chief commander of heavenly host
The fighter of rebel spirits
Come and defend us.

Thou St. Michael the Archangel
Thou son of Thunder
The great army fighter of God
Thou strength of the battle
Come and fight for us.

Thou Angel of freedom fighter
On-fearful army of God
So beautiful and so powerful
Thou lover of pure souls
Come and free us.

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