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Sweet Poems. Sweet Love Poems for Him and Her.

Put Your Trust

Tonight am going to give you soft but rough
In me you’re going to put all your trust
Body to body we’re going to touch, you am planning to crush
Am going to make you scream out so much

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Since Forever

Your a beauty inside and out
There is nothing sweeter than the voice coming from outside
of your mouth
Your a beauty since forever
Nothing cannot be compared to you cause your

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School is Cool!

A place where we can see a variety of children!
Somewhere teachers scolding them!
Somewhere holding them!
Somewhere children are bunking!
Somewhere running!
Somewhere crying!
Somewhere laughing!

But.. Everywhere only teachers and children!
Oh My God! What a wonderful place!
Really school is cool!
A place where we can get all funs and everything

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My Model

By heaven’s standard of perfect beauty
Her mien and wit buy her the title
Her careful carriage the leadership mantle
I long like her to be

Her grace and face make bold her gaze
Like silent singing lakes her smile
Enriches the soul and makes wise the vile
I long like her to be, a vase

Of purit she is my model
When creativity lazes and inspiration runs stale
I just need of her to make a tale
And it grows for she is my model

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