The rainbow;
The bow of seven colours,
Is the arm that restrains the deluge.

When the rainbow appears
Across the scowling sky
It reminds that God is aggrieved
And mankind’s existence is under threat.

By scriptures, I understand
That God is at the end of his tether.
He is poised to activate
The fountains of heaven.
Furious flood would be unleashed
Upon tainted earth
To gulp everything that respires
Into extinction.

But on His promise, God does not renege:
Not again by flood will the earth
Be made desolate.

When man in mindless blunder engage,
God with raging flood threatens.
But the rainbow,
The arm that restrains the deluge,
Appears across the irate sky
And the life of man is again spared.

Copyright © Ibe Innocent, 2013

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