Winter nights

In winter you set on fire
To make your body warm
As well as love desire
Become vigorous as storm

Winter is love’s season
Where all emotions prevail
It holds inside a reason
For each love’s tale

Hearts got broken
Others got met
More words spoken
& many faces got wet
All by rain
Some with tears
Others feel pain
From parting their dears

Winter is coffee’s best taste
& candles glorious lights
In winter , u love to taste
Love in freezing nights

Winter is your expensive rugs
& your outstanding clothes
Winter is intimate hugs
& the superb red roses

Winter is your best mood
When feeling warm under covers
Winter is your childhood
& school memories with your mothers

Winter is the barbecue
You made with your friends
Enjoying sky view
From your warm tints

Winter is too short
& passed like a sonnet
I guess you need to start
& cherish every moment

Faten ishak

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